The Pros and Cons of Making Money on Facebook

Facebook is a popular platform with millions of subscribers. The social site offers smart entrepreneurs a chance to making money. To succeed you need to actively participate in the network and have huge number of followers. A good way to start is to open an account and regularly post interesting content. Users can join groups, form groups, and add pages and infographics.
How to Build an Audience
You need a large audience to promote peoples product. Develop the business by consistently posting valuable content. Focus on a niche and avoid spamming. The audience can tell if you are genuine or fake. Once you have your followers only promote products or services you have used.
Ways to Make Money on Facebook
There are lots of ways to make money on Facebook. You could sell fan pages or offer services on fiverr. Other ways include marketing company’s products on Facebook. They feature the products or services in front of their audience. This is a form of advertisement that attracts good monetary returns. The products are presented as reviews, videos or content.
Build an App
Another way is to build a Facebook related application. If the app solves a problem and is very responsive you have a winner. You could develop the app yourself or use an app developer. There are some free and paid software to aid the development process.
Use Sponsored Posts
A good way to earn through your Facebook account is sponsored posts. A company or individual could ask for a sponsored post. The marketer charges the clients and features the post on his timeline.
Open a Facebook Store
A Facebook subscriber with lots of followers can open a store. The operation of a Facebook store is slightly different than a regular ecommerce store. However the goal is the same get people to buy a product.
Sell Direct Advertisement
Alternately sell direct advertisement on your account. Place banners with url links to the companies product or service.
Start a Niche Blog
Niche blogs attract streamlined traffic based on the keyword. The keyword on your blog should be focused on Facebook. To drive traffic you need lots of organic traffic and direct traffic. The blog should have an active social media account for easy sharing.
Sell Products and Services
If you have your own product or service sells on Facebook. Make sure the product is useful and relevant to your audience. Many women sell products such as Brazilian hair, perfumes, creams and soaps. Some offer out-call food delivery service and different ideas.
Publish and Sell an eBook
Ebooks are easy to make and fast to sell. Publish an eBook and offer your followers the book for a discounted price. You can also sell the book on your website or blog.
The Pros of Making Money on Facebook
  • Facebook has over 170 million active subscribers
  • A wide range of subjects discussed on the platform
  • Huge range of media from videos, content and images
  • Huge number of potential followers
  • You are able to targeted any demography
  • Focus on a niche
  • Share valuable information
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The Cons of Making Money on Facebook


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