The Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring Jobs

Teachers and instructors make good money with online tutoring. Some earn $1000+ doing what they love. Online tutoring jobs are highly specialized and require a certain type of individual.
The person should have a university education and job experience in the teaching profession. The range of subjects is huge depending on the person’s expertise and education. The good aspect of the job is that practitioner can work part time while holding a regular job.
Who can teach?
The tutoring job is tailor made for teachers, public speakers and administrators. Others include public speakers, CEOs and graduates. More are book authors, captains of industry, and professionals in different fields
Types of Teachers
  • Teachers
  • public speakers
  • administrators
  • CEOs
  • Educators
  • Professional
  • college students
  • book authors
  • journalists
  • writers
Types of Tutoring Jobs
The tutor’s job is to help students with academic work and build confidence. They provide small business owners valuable information and skill. The best tutors provide coaching, mentoring and guidance to students. They aid academic work, admission tests and entrepreneurs.
Popular Subjects
There is a wide range of subject taught online. Common subjects are mathematics, English, general science and literature. Others are social science, writing, history and foreign languages. Online tutors earn an average of $15 to $25 an hour depending on the subject and charges.
The Pros of Online Tutoring
  • The jobs is practicable full time or part time
  • You need a university education or teacher training
  • The amount of money you make depends on your work ethics
  • You help others achieve their goals
  • Tutors offer guidance, mentoring and advice
The Cons of Online Tutoring
  • Work schedule could be hectic
  • Preparing a study course could be tasking
  • Tutors face lots of competition
  • Not enough jobs opportunities
Websites that offer Online Tutoring Jobs
There is a few websites that offer tutoring jobs. The jobs are subject to terms and condition of service of each website. To join such sites you need a university education, and teacher’s certificate.
They take into consideration educational qualification and job experience. You need to specialize in a subject before joining a tutoring website. You need to prepare exams, follow a curriculum and develop the course. 
Tutoring Websites
  • mathElF
  • goFluent
  • Open Engligh
  • K12
  • ConnectAcademy
  • Instructional Connection
  • TutorMe
  • Tutapoint
  • PrepNow
  • Englishunt
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