The Pros and Cons of Running a Personal Concierge Business

The business of a personal concierge is to provide specialized service. The services depend on the job such description.
Common jobs are shopping for groceries, house cleaning or running errands. The concierge services thrive because of increased demand and busy schedules of clients.
The elderly, disabled or office workers hire people to carryout different tasks. They are willing to pay for such tasks to reduce their workload.
If you enjoy assisting people and multitasking then you are perfect for the job. Working hours are flexible and you can do the job part time or full time. Startup funding is low and you tend to make lifelong friends.
Common Duties of a Concierge
  • grocery shopping
  • running errands
  • dog walking
  • house cleaning
  • baby setting
The Pros of Starting Running a Personal Concierge Business
The business is easy to start because of the low startup funds. You don’t need training and there are a full range of services to offer.
  • You need very low startup funds
  • You don’t need any degree or training to start the business
  • The business format is simple and easy to execute
  • There is zero investment in equipment
  • You have a whole range of services to offer clients.
  • Many form lifelong friendships
  • The services are tailor made to different categories of clients
The Cons of Running a Concierge Business
The personal concierge business has its own peculiar challenges. You need to understand what it entails to start the business. Here are some difficulties faced in the business.
  • The business is demanding and time consuming
  • You need lots of patience and interpersonal skills
  • Holiday seasons are tough profitable periods.
  • You need liability insurance
  • Some clients are rude and demanding
  • Finding jobs could be relatively difficult


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