The Pros and Cons of Starting a Computer Training Institute

Computer training requires knowledge of computers, software’s and programming. The owner should have good computer operational system certification and knowledge.
The business is challenging but highly lucrative. Challenges include difficulty in getting an operational license and developing a study material.
Other difficulties are finding an appropriate location, rent and hiring qualified teachers. The business is capital intensive and time consuming.
There are lots of business opportunities and services to offer client making the business very scalable. Here are some pros and cons of starting a computer training institute.
Basic Equipment for a Computer Training Business
There are some equipment’s you need to kick start the institute. You need several computers, printers and modem.  Make sure a professional installs the equipment and carries out proper networking. Other equipment's are tables, chairs, blackboard, shelves and stationery materials.
The Pros of Starting a Computer Training Institute
A computer trainer needs to have the right certification and experience. Apart from the good earning potential there are lots of benefits to starting a computer training business.
  • You can offer home tutoring
  • There are lots of business opportunities
  • You can conduct seminars, offer online courses
  • Provide a huge range of services
  • Focus on a specific targeted for higher productivity
  • Huge earning potential from students and business opportunities
  • You get to use current equipment and software
The Cons of Starting a Computer Training Institute
The business requires regular updates and training. It is capital intensive and you need quality computers, printers and software. Another difficulty is obtaining an operational license for the institute
  • The business is dynamic and requires regular training
  • Computer systems and software are very expensive
  • You need quality equipment
  • It could take a year to get an operational license
  • Very high startup costs
  • You need operational license and certification
  • You need to hire only qualified teachers
  • Expert knowledge of operational systems is mandatory
  • Heavy marketing and advertisement cost
  • You need proper customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Register the business as a LLC to avoid liability claims
  • Computer training businesses incur high electrical bills.
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