The Pros and Cons of Starting a Wire Stripping Business

The copper wire strapping business is lucrative and interesting. The person harvesting the wire needs to establish a ready source for the waste product.
Common sources are households and construction sites. To establish the business you need basic equipment, low startup fund and cheap labor. You could source the wire and sell to recycle plants or collection centers.
Types of Wire Striping Equipment
There are different types of wire stripping equipment in the market. However a person needs only basic equipment to carry out the job.
Most of the equipment’s are cheap and easily sourced in a hardware store. Common equipment’s are alligator shears, weight scale and a manual stripper. Others are quality cable cutters, motorized cutters and stock replacement space parts.
  • alligator shears
  • weight scale
  • electronic/manual stripper
  • cable cutters
  • motorized cutters
  • replacement space parts
Invest in Good Wire Stripping Machine
The most important hardware you need is a wire stripping machine. The machine is the primary equipment used in harvesting copper wire.
Although there are many brands in the market having some features is beneficial. Make sure the machine has anti slip blade, steel blade and adjustable guide. Other good features are aluminum frame, strip solid core, braided wire and one piece blade.
Price of Wire Stripping Machines
The price of manual stripping machines greatly varies to automatic strippers. The manual stripper could be found from $30-$60 while the automatic version retails from $260-$500.
The machines are highly adaptable and used by many professionals. Industries that use the equipment are construction, scrap yards, handymen and electricians.
Places to Find Scrap Wire
There is an abundance of possible places to find scrap copper. Common locations are junk yards, homes, factories and yard sales.
Others are rubbish dumps, demolition sites, mining companies and construction sites. More are electrical spare parts shops and at your local electrician.
copper wire
Where to Find Scrap Copper
  • junk yards
  • homes
  • factories
  • yard sales
  • rubbish dumps
  • demolition sites
  • mining companies
  • construction sites
  • electrical spare parts shops
  • local electrician
.The Pros of Starting a Wire Stripping Business
The wire stripping business is simple and requires zero training. However you need to know how to identify components that have wire. Here are some benefits to starting a wire stripping business.
  • Low startup costs
  • The business is easy to start and establish
  •  You can work part-time or full time
  • Wire stripping require simple knowledge of the process
  • Lots of inventory  especially in electrical appliances
  • Copper wire burning is prohibited in most countries
  • Copper attracts premium prices
  • The wire is recyclable and easy to remove.
  • The business is highly lucrative
  • The business is environmentally friendly
  • Re-purposed wire is cost effective than producing new copper wire
  • 100% guaranteed yield with appropriate equipment
  • Scrap yards buy 5 grades of copper wire
  • He weight determines the final price
The Cons of Copper wire Stripping Business


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