Top 10 Worst Jobs in America

It is difficult to evaluate jobs regarded as worst. Some people might excel in a seemingly bad job while others fail.
The criteria we used in evaluating the worst jobs were growth or earning potential. Others are low wages, lack of insurance, job difficultly and dangers. More involves long extensive hours of labor and no retirement plan. 
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10 Worst Jobs in America
Here is a list of worst jobs in America in no particular order. The jobs are based on health risks, safety concerns, physical excretion and low wages.
1. The Bank teller
The bank teller is the person that receives cash or check payments from members of the public. The bank staff starts receiving and issuing out cash from 8 AM to 4PM.
Once the doors are closed they need to remit and balance the accounts for the day. The job is strenuous and requires 100% accuracy while receiving or dispensing cash. They earn low salaries and mistakes results in deduction from wages or sacking.
2. Farm hand
Not many farms embrace technology and the job is done manually. This entail long strenuous hour of weeding, tilling, planting and watering the plants.
Farm hands are casual staff with not gratuity or fixed salaries. The backbreaking work starts as early as 6AM till 4PM. The manual labor continues during harvesting period.
3. Bricklayers
To become a bricklayer or mason you need physical strength. The individual works for merge wages and manually lifts block and sand. They are prone to accidents and have no life insurance or regular pay check. They also have to content with multitude of casuals.
4. Post Office Workers
Post offices across the world have gradual witnessed a decline in patronage. This is because of high speed technology and electronic mail.
The postal service worker’s primary objective is to manually sort mail and deliver to the address. They are poorly paid and need to contend with adverse weather conditions and traffic.
5. The Commercial Bus Driver
The commercial bus driver job is worse than a taxi driver. The driver sometimes contends with poorly maintained vehicles, heavy traffic and unruly passengers. They work very long hours in adverse weather conditions and must avoid accidents.
6. Commercial Fisherman
The fisher man works extended hours and face dangerous sea conditions. They have to contend with dangerous sea creatures, unpredictable weather and freezing conditions. The fishing worker constantly repairs damaged nets, guts fish and store in freezers.
7. Coal Miner
The coal miner’s job is one of the most dangerous on earth. They work in extreme conditions and inhale obnoxious gases. They face serious heath risk such as breathing problems. To make maters worse the wages are not commensurate to the risk and are prone to fatal accidents.
8. Plant Assembly worker
The plant assembly worker works a boring and monotonous job. They perform the function from 8AM to 5 PM every day. The job is gradually becoming extinct due to automation of machinery. Factory workers are prone to industrial accidents, earn poor wages and have no insurance.
9. The Sales representative
The sales representative is a casual staff that acts like regular staff. They earn income only on commission or new clients. The job is tedious, involves lots of transportation and meetings.
Although there are lots of sales representative jobs in most industry it is not regulated. The rep has no insurance, accident security or retirement plan. The company can disengage their services at any time.
10. Retail Salesperson
The retail salesperson is poorly paid with no health benefits. They work seven times a week including weekends. The median pay is about $10 per hour and job opening are usually temporary. The job is ideal for university undergraduates and youths. As a salesperson there is little prospect of promotion or job satisfaction.
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