Top 16 Health Care Jobs

The medical field is vast and accommodates different specialties. Most health care jobs require a bachelor’s degree, masters or doctorate.
The positions are high paying and rewarding. The salaries listed differ in rate each year across countries. The list below we have highlights 16 high paying heath care jobs.
1. Gynecologist
A gynecologist assists a pregnant woman in the process of giving birth. They prescribe medicine, identify the sex of the child and monitor the health of the mother and unborn child.
2. Obstetrician
An obstetrician is a certified doctor who aids a pregnant woman. They offer medical advice, help during, before and after the birth of the child. The educational requirement for the job is doctor of medicine.  The median annual wages is about $200,000.
3. Chiropractor
The annual salary of a Chiropractor is $79,000, $30 an hour. The practitioner must attain educational status of doctor of chiropractic or master of chiropractic. They help spinal injury patients and re-align backs and damaged bones.
4. Psychiatrist
The psychiatrist annul salary is $180,000 and $80 an hour. Their primary duty is to help mental disorder patients. They diagnose stabilize and prevent mental disorders in patients.
5. MRI Technicians
The MRI technicians earn $30 an hour and $65,000 a year. They learn the trade through technical institutions or trade schools. There job is to operate the magnetic resonance imaging machines in hospitals.
6. Optometric
The optometric handles eye related problems. They diagnoses eye issues, treat impaired vision and prescribe medication and glasses. They earn about $110,000 a year or $40 an hour.
7. Pediatrician
The annual salary of a pediatrician is $160,000 and $70 an hour. They are doctors of medicine who specialize in children. They diagnose, treat and prevent children medical conditions.
8. Anesthesiologist
The anesthesiologist prescribes anesthesia to patient undergoing surgery. They carry out assessment and quantity of Anastasia introduced to an individual. They earn $230,000 a year or $100 an hour.
9. Surgeon
The surgeon earns $110 and hour or $230,000 a year. They perform different corrective operations on patients. The operations are invasive, oral, reconstructive or plastic.
10. Cardiovascular technologist
The annual salary of a cardiovascular technologist is $50,000 a year or $25 an hour. They operate the imaging machinery that provides cardio images of the heart.
11. Veterinarian
A veterinarian treats different ailments in animals. They diagnose, treat and specialize in animal care. Their hourly wages are $40 and $100,000 a year.
12. Dispensing Optician
The dispensing optician provides the contacts and glasses for eye patients. They earn $39,000 a year or $15 an hour. They work out of an ophthalmologist office and understand the rudiments of eyeglasses.
13. Nursing Assistant
A nursing assistant’s annual salary is $25,000 a year or $10 an hour. They assist physicians, obtain vital signs of patients carry out some administrative duties and organize medical equipment.
14, Medical Assistant
 A medical assistant carries out administrative tasks. They are mandated to join the association of medical assistants and earn $30,000 a year.
15. Licensed Practical Nurse
The licensed practical nurse provides nursing care in health facilities. Part of their duties is to check vital signs, draw blood samples and administer medical aid. They earn $40,000 a year or $20 an hour.
16. Therapists
The Therapist specializes in disorders of the mind or compulsive disorders. They earn about $70,000 a year or $30 an hour. They must attain Master of Science in psychology or doctorate of physiology.
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