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How to Start Your Freelance Web Design Business

The best way to start a web design business is to write a business plan. The actionable plan should focus on service, skill development and marketing.
An actionable plan should guide your present and future endeavors. Web design business is very lucrative and competitive.
To succeed you need regular clients and a good marketing strategy. You need to build a brand name, apply proper pricing and use tracking tools. Proper time management is crucial to the success or failure of the enterprise.
Steps to Starting a Freelance Web Design Business
1. Write a business plan
2. Calculate startup costs
3. Branding
4. Build a Portfolio website
5. Create a Routine
6. Network
7. Get Social
8. Pricing
9. Use Tools
10. Marketing
Despite the juicy aspects of freelancing there are also many challenges. A freelancer works a thin line between work and home life. You need to earn irregular pay and apply serious marketing to get clients. The business is very competitive and trends change overnight.
  • thin line between work and home life
  • irregular pay
  • serious marketing to get clients
  • business is very competitive
  • fast changing trends
web design
Starting a Freelance Web Design Business
Write a Business Plan
A business plan describes your business future. The document would highlight your strategy, resources and abilities.
The plan offers an insight on present and future goals including growth. The plan provides different set of resources including increased assets and greater profitability.
Startup Cost
The first thing to do is to calculate your startup cost. Costs include equipment such as laptop, modem, office space and furniture. Others are utility bills, rent and marketing.
You need stationeries, software, scanner, phone line and a laser jet printer. Other considerations are personal liability insurance and tax issues. To save costs on rent you could work from home and create a dedicated workspace.
Freelance work is very competitive so you need to establish your brand. The brand name could be an agency or an individual.
Branding as an individual puts a face to the brand. The client can easily relate to the person and follow his antecedents.
Registering a business name is also an effective branding strategy. The client identifies with the name and offers the freelance an avenue for growth and expansion. The perception of your brand name is a very important in web design business.
Build a Portfolio Website
A web designer without a website is like a sailor without a boat. The website should showcase your skill to prospective clients. Prospective clients want a visual representation of your skill.
A website is the perfect opportunity and great marketing tool. You can use the site to create a portfolio of your work by adding websites images and URL.
Include recommendations, customer reviews and prices. If you don’t have any websites offer to build a few for charity organizations or people in your locality. This will help increase your inventory and portfolio.
Why Build a Portfolio Website
  • showcase your skill to prospective clients
  • visual representation of your skill
  • great marketing tool
  • adding websites images
  • add recommendations and customer reviews
  • add prices
  • How to Start a SEO Consultancy Business
Create a Routine
As a freelancer you need to build a routine. You could specify working periods from 5AM to 4 PM.
The daily routine would put your job into perspective and you become more productive.  You could decide to work only night if you are so inclined.
Building a regular routine is what separates the successful freelancer from others. Time management is very important in freelancing including proper tracking
Freelancers build formidable network of professionals in related fields. They work in tight communities and offer a good support system.
You need to join and find such communities to make your job easier. They offer advice on changing trends, new software and troubleshooting answers.
There are many learning sites to help improve your skill. They provide a wealth of information on web designs, templates and job opportunities.
  • They offer a good support system
  • Makes your job easier
  • They offer advice
  • Follow changing trends
  • New software
  • Troubleshooting answers
  • Help improve your skill
  • They provide a wealth of information
  • Find new  templates
  • Job opportunities.
  • A Beginners Guide to Starting an E-Commerce Store
Get Social
It is important you have a social presence. Social platforms build relationships between professionals and clients.
It is also an effective marketing tool or informal job board. Top social sites to consider are twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Linkedin is a good place to establish your brand and showcase your professional qualifications.
The amount you charge your clients is very important. Make sure the price is competitive and reasonable.
You need to fashion a price framework by establishing your fixed and working capital. The question is what it takes to create websites.
You need to figure out a pricing system based on your client’s requirements. Other parameters to consider is duration of the project, utility bills, software and host plan. Another pricing strategy is to work according to talent and skill.
Web designers rely on many tools to effectively deliver quality work. The tools are used to track time, send invoices, and integrate bank accounts or online financial management.
Others are used for project management and task management. Web designers need powerful pro themes and web templates for proper SEO and responsive themes.
To reach clients you need to device a few marketing tactics. Advertise in newspapers, web magazines and use Adwords.
Other strategies include social media advertisement and classified ads. List your portfolio site on directories and yellow pages. Use freelance sites like fiverr to showcase your work.

How to Start Mandazi Business

Mandazi is an east African Doughnut eaten as a snack. The delicious snack is made from flour and other ingredients.
Entrepreneurs with limited funds could consider venturing into this business. The capital requirement is low and you can setup shop in a simple tent.
The snack could accompany many dishes, dipped or eaten by its self. It has a slightly sweet taste and similar to regular doughnuts. The shapes differ from circular, oval, doughnut shaped or the popular triangle shaped Mandazi.
The Origin
The snacks origin could be traced to the Swahili people of Africa. Other areas you find the snack are Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania.
By SkyJumperNr1 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Main Ingredients
The main ingredients are flour, yeast and sugar. Others include water, milk or coconut milk. Some food vendors add almonds or peanuts. They are typically fried in deep oil and turn a fluffy texture when cooked.
  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Milk
  • coconut milk
  • groundnut oil
  • add almonds or peanuts
To start a Mandazi business you need a locally fabricated firewood cooker, firewood and charcoal. The frying pot should be large enough to accommodate several Mandazi.
You need a long perforated cooking spoon to turn the snack in the oil. The most common oil used in the preparation is groundnut oil.
  • fabricated firewood cooker
  • firewood
  • charcoal
  • perforated cooking spoon
  • mixing bowl
  • wooden spoon
Food vendors interested in Mandazi usually operate in open air locations. The location should be in an area of heavy human presence and traffic. Many work from street corners, close to schools and residential areas.
You don’t particularly need a license to run this business. However there are state levies and tax requirement. The operator needs to take into consideration fire safety protocols.
The business is easy to start and you need basic equipment. Secure funds trough target savings or borrow from family. There are thrift and credit societies eager to aid small entrepreneurs.
Marketing requirements is low. The main marketing is visibility at your choice location. If you are so inclined, print a banner or signboard for the business. Use word of mouth and make sure the snacks are delicious and appropriately priced.

How to Make Money with UberEats

There is an amazing app served up by the Uber technologies limited. The UberEats app was specially designed for food delivery service.
The app operator only needs to deliver food to get paid. It is possible to make $15 an hour carrying out this service.
UberEats provides job security and is practicable full time or part time. You can earn money delivering food with a scooter, bike or vehicle. The app also offers restaurants opportunities to become a partner.
Demography you find UberEats
UberEats app is used in different locations in Africa and Asia. Others include Europe, Australia and United States of America.
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  •  Australia
  • United States of America.
Why Join UberEats
The question is why you should sign up as a food delivery agent. The agent enjoys flexible working hours and makes regular income.
Other benefits for subscribers include $5 cash reward for canceled orders and no pre-paid card requirements. It is not all roses and the operator faces different challenges. Common problems are low pay, long mileage and time constraints.
  • flexible working hours
  • regular income. Other benefits for subscribers include
  •  $5cash reward for canceled orders
  • no pre-paid card requirements
The amount you earn depends on many factors such as location and delivery distance. Operators earn about $3 per delivery which translates to $12 an hour.
The types of delivery service on offer are the full restaurant delivery service and the instant delivery. The cancel policy is applicable to delays at destination and reimbursements if the delivery person activates a cancellation order.
The driver can maximize profit by taking a certain number of deliveries within a time span. They also tend to earn bonuses and take part in promotions.
How Does UberEats Work
To use the app you need to sign up with Uber Eats. The delivery service then adds the vehicle profile and other parameters.
Once you application is approved you download the UberEats app. It is through the app you receive food delivery orders.
Start the job by selecting the vehicle profile either EATS license number plates or Courier. The requirement on joining the platform might need an operator to be an UberX driver before signing up for Uber Eats.
Delivery Agent Qualification
To qualify as an UberEats driver you must have attained the age of 19 years. Other qualifications include valid driving license and 1 year driving experience.
More requirements are adequate mobility such as scooter, bike or car. The cars should be new or not less than 19 years after manufacture. The operator must submit proof of car registration and is physically able to lift 30 pounds.
  • UberEats driver19+ years
  • valid driving license
  • 1 year driving experience
  • scooter, bike or car
  • cars not less than 19 years from manufacture date
  • submit proof of car registration
  • physically able to lift 30 pounds
Things to Consider
Before signing up make sure your vehicle falls within the stipulated period. You need to have a driving license and smartphone. To succeed you should be hardworking, fit, courteous and timely.

How to Start a Printing Business as a Broker with Zero Investment

The print business is very lucrative and moderately challenging. Opening one would require huge startup capital. The funds are used to purchase equipment and rent a shop. Other expenditure includes staff wages and high utility bills.
Luckily there are ways to start the business with zero investment. If you are cash strapped then consider print brokerage.
Starting a print brokerage business is relatively easy and you don’t need any equipment. The broker relies on a laptop computer, internet access and a smartphone.
How to Start a Printing Brokerage Business
  • Learn the trade
  • Use a virtual office
  • Build a portfolio
  • Build a website
  • Outsource printing
  • Carry out extensive marketing
screen printing
1. Learn the Trade
To provide excellent service and quality jobs you need to learn the trade. To learn the trade you can become an assistant or go for training. Learn through books, online courses, trade workshops and apprentice programs.
  • Become an assistant
  • go for training
  • read books
  • online courses
  • trade workshops
  • apprentice programs
2. Use a Virtual Office
To run a print brokerage business you need a virtual office. You can operate from home or rent a virtual office. There are such establishments with a single receptionist that accommodate different businesses. It provides a professional look while removing the huge cost of a large office.
3. Build a Portfolio
It is very important building a portfolio. The portfolio should showcase your expertise and jobs you have done. This is the only way to convince clients of your expertise and proficiency. You can also create a large job board for clients to see.
4. Outsource Printing
Since you can’t afford to buy expensive printing machines you need to outsource. A broker networks with other printers and printing presses.
The type of job would determine the company you use. There are companies that offer cord printing, cutting and trimming services. Others use only offset machines, typesetting and scanning.
5. Build a Website
A good way to reach customers is through your website. Build a website for the business and add images of completed jobs.
You could add description, prices and contact information. To build a website you need a good host plan, domain name and beautiful design. You could hire a web designer to build the site at a small fee.
6. Marketing
Marketing is very important if you want to reach potential customers. Use flyers, posters, banners and business cards. Take your advertisement online and use Adwords or Facebook ads.

How to Start a Photocopy Business

The template for a photocopying business is simple. All that is required is a shop, electricity and photocopying machine.
To start this business you need to invest in a brand new machine. Starting out with a used one would eat into your profit and cause serious problems. Due to frequency of use the used machine would likely breakdown in a relatively short time.
To increase profit a copy and print establishment can offer different services. Single page photocopying is tough work and requires several hours of work and periodical maintenance.  It is possible to run a photocopy shop on your own or hire a single staff.
How to Start a Photocopy Business
  • find startup funds
  • write a simple business plan
  • find a prime location
  • purchase equipment
  • register the business
  • marketing
woman using a photocopying machine
1. Funding
The amount you need depends on many factors such as location and type of equipment. Try target savings or borrow from friends and family. You could approach a micro finance bank or cooperative in your area.
  • target savings
  • borrow from friends and family
  • approach a micro finance bank
  • use a cooperative in your area
2. Register the Business
The first step is to register the business as a sole proprietorship. You need insurance and tax identification number. To prevent liability issues register the business as a Limited Liability Company. Choose a simple business name and place a signboard at the storefront of your establishment.
3. Find an Ideal Location
You need to find an ideal location for the business. The best locations should have heavy human and vehicular traffic. Make sure the shop is visible and easily found by customers. Locate the establishment near schools, administrative offices, government offices and companies.
4. Offer Additional Services
We hate to break it to you but relying only on photocopying would not put food on your table. You need to add services to cover utility bills, transportation, rent and maintenance.
Services to consider are bookbinding, document lamination and scanning. Others include typing services, logo designing and printing services. More include fax services, selling recharge cards and document cutting.
5. Marketing
The primary source of advertisement is your signboard. Make it large and visible to pedestrians and motorists.  Register the business in directories, yellow pages and use classified websites. Build a website targeted to your local community and use flyers to advertise to people around your vicinity.

20 Eco-Friendly Green Business Opportunities

Most countries are embracing the green revolution especially corporate entities. Car manufacturers are building eco friendly electric cars with low emissions.
Issues about our environment are in the front burners. In compliance to the changing face of business many companies are going green.
There is an increase in recycling plants, solar energy devices and eco friendly initiatives. This is because clean technology is essential to the survival of the planet. There are many profitable business ideas for small businesses. Here are 20 eco friendly business ideas.
20 Eco-Friendly Green Business Opportunities
1. Recycled Furniture
Recycling furniture can offer household less expensive alternative. The carpenter could make tables, chairs, lamp holders and cupboards.
2. Recycled Tiers
Recycled tiers could be repurposed into furniture. The possibilities are endless and only limited to the craftsman’s imagination.
3. Used Books Vending
Vending used books would save our forests and reduce the need for paper. It also reduces the cost of printing a new book.
4. Organic Pest Control
Traditional pesticides are biohazards and present many health risk. They contaminate the plants and soil composition. The use of bio-pesticides is more environmentally friendly and effective.
5. Organic Grocery Store
Organic food stores offer customers organic produce. The produce includes fruits, and vegetables. The difference between an organic grocery store and a regular one is the growing technique. The produce is farmed naturally without any synthetic manure or pesticide.
6. Beekeeping
Beekeeping is using nature’s natural resources for profit. The bees pollinate the flowers and provide sweet honey for the keeper. Honey is used in many products and attracts premium price.
7. Ecotourism
Ecotourism offers tourists destination places untouched by man. The locations are scenic, clean and natural. An operator tends to make good money in this line of business. However they need mode of transportation, hiking gear and publicity.
8. Fish Farming
There are different types of fish farmed. They are either freshwater or salt water fish. The fresh water fish are ideal for home farming. Common fresh water fish farmed are tilapia and catfish.
9. E-waste recycling
E-waste recycling makes use of our waste and turns them into useful resources. The waste includes water extraction and recycling. Another is turning organic waste into manure.
10. Florist
A florist is close to nature and many have their own gardens. They grow the plants in-house and some have extensive gardens.
11. E-consultancy
An E-consultants job is to teach better eco practices. They offer advice to government, states, companies and individuals.
12. Greenhouse
Operating a greenhouse is profitable and fun. The greenhouse provides crops for sale and home use. The farmer can sell the produce at farmers markets or directly to neighbors.
13. Organic Manure
Organic manure is made from waste food and soil. The manure is rich and ideal for organic farming.
14. Landscaping
A landscaper adds value to any property. They beautify the land by introducing different flowering crops, grass and trees.
15. Herb Farming
Herbs are used for many medicinal purposes. They are easy to grow and are highly sort by alternative medicine practitioners.
16. Worm Farming
Worm farming is a specialized field and profitable. The worms are sold to fish anglers and organic compost companies. They are also used in manufacturing animal feed.
17. Sail Farming
Snail farming is eco friendly and easy to accomplish. The farmer only needs to restrict the snails and provide food and shelter plants.
18. Vermicompost
Vermicompost is made by worms and is very organic. A farmer creates organic compost by securing worms in a location and feed them. Read More.
19. Solar Energy Installer
Solar panels are used to generate electrical power. They are used to power homes offices and equipment. The business is gaining good ground and might replace fossil fuel in future.
20. Green Cleaning
Green cleaners try to minimize the environmental degradation. They offer indoor air quality, proper usage of waste water and safety.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a Jumia Affiliate

Jumia is an online store with a presence in many countries. The shopping website sells household items, electronic, kitchen utensils and fashion items.
Founded by Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara the group was launched in 2012. They have vast interests in food, online hotel bookings and jobs. The store offers webmasters a chance to monetize by joining their affiliate program.
Jumia Affiliate Program
The Jumia affiliate program offers big earning up to 11% on commissions. To join the program you need to register for free and wait for approval. Once approved, they offer banner and link advertisement to publishers.
The banners have deep-link generators to track customer behavior. You get paid on an order that emanate through your link. This is only applicable if a sale is made within 30 days.
You can optimize using their comprehensive tools for better performance and higher returns. The affiliate program is ideal for publisher or webmaster with reasonable traffic.
Things you Need
There are a few things you need to become a Jumia affiliate. You need an email address to receive correspondence, bank account to receive earnings and a blog.
To sign up go to Jumia affiliate page. Then click become on affiliate and fill the form. The information you provide in the form are name, email address, mobile number, website and country of resident.
You also choose an account type and add your website URL. The next step is to read their terms and agreement then click 'Start Earning' button. You need to confirm your email by clicking the confirmation link.
  • email address
  • bank account
  • a blog
Approval Period
You don’t get automatic approval because they will check out your site. The approval period is from 4 to 7 days. They are not very strict but expect a decent site with moderate traffic. Once approved go to the affiliate dashboard and select a product or banner.
The categories available to affiliates are automobile & Motorcycles, Books & Stationary, Computer. Others include TVs, audio & video, fashion, games & consoles. More include health & beauty, kid & babies, sports & fitness, mobiles & tablets.
Jumia Affiliate Earning Commissions
The commission depends on the type of product sold. The default, games and consoles attract 4%.The second lowest commission is 5% and items in this category are television sets, video and audio units.
Others are computers, mobile phones and tablets. Cameras & accessories are placed at 6% and you get 7% on kids & babies, home & living. Higher commissions are earned on books & stationary 10%, health & beauty 10% fashion 12%.

Books & Stationary
Cameras & Accessories

Health & Beauty
Home & Living
Kids & Babies
Sports & Fitness
TVs, Audo & Video
Mobiles & Tablets
Automotive & Motorcycles
Games & Consoles

Jumia Banners and Links
The next step is to implement Jumia banners or links on your blog. Sign into your affiliate account, click tools-banners.
Then select advertising offer and your country. Finally choose shopping category and click banner folder and select a banner size.
Once you have the code implement it on your blog. To place the banner on your blog login to your Wordpress blog and select a text widget. Paste the code and save.
Check your earnings
To check earning login into your Jumia account and on your dashboard click report –conversions, then select country. You can also choose a specific period to see the conversions or sales. To receive payment click on payment then payment details.
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100 Websites to Earn Money Selling a Product or Service

You can earn passive or full time income for a product or service online. The platforms are ideal for professionals, stay at home moms and college students.
Your home is a treasure chest of used and old items. Did you know that people are actively searching for such items?
You can create art works, sell jewelry, used cloths, books or offer graphic work. If you are looking for extra cash check out these websites.
100 Websites to Make Money Selling a Product or Service
Sell Used Wedding Dresses
You can dell used wedding outfits, accessories, shoes and shirts. These sites allow listings of items such as used wedding dress, prom dresses, braids made cloths and such related items.
A list of websites is StillWhite and Others are nearly newlywed and oncewed. You can also sell or trade makeup at glambot and muabs.
  • StillWhite
  • newlywed
  • oncewed
Sell or Trade Makeup
  • glambot
  • muabs.
Create T-Shirt Designs
There are some websites that focuses on T-shirt designs. They provide a platform to design, upload and create T-Shirt designs.
 How it works
Simply upload artwork, choose a t-shirt type, color and set your price then add a product description. When customers buy your shirt the website handles the production, shipping, and customer service with no upfront costs.
You can add a price, shop free and earn a percentage for every sale. Top contenders in this business are zazzle, teeSpring and CafePress
  • amazon
  • zazzle
  • teeSpring
  • CafePress
Sell New or Used Items
Reduce the clutter in your homes by selling new or used items. There are many sites that have marketplaces for such sales.
Some are newegg, oodle, and uBid. Others include eCrater, eBid, Craigslist, Backpage, Listia and Bonanza.
  • Newegg
  • Oodle
  • uBid
  • eCrater
  • eBid
  • Craigslist
  • Backpage
  • Listia
  • Bonanza
Sell Stock Photography
Websites that deal in photographs are many. You upload images to the site and earn commission for each download or sale.
Some good photographers earn full time income doing this business. A list of websites into photography is dreamtime, iStock, Fotolia, BigStock and ScoopShot. Others are 123RF, Foap.  PhotoStockPlus, SmugMug and ShutterStock.
  • Dreamstime
  • iStock
  • Fotolia
  • BigStock
  • ScoopShot
  • 123RF
  • Foap
  • PhotoStockPlus
  • SmugMug
  • ShutterStock.
Micro Job Sites
There are many micro job sites that offer job opportunities. The members are usually freelancers and professionals in different fields.
The jobs are found on the job boards and secured through various ways such as bidding. The job scope covers administrative work, web designing, graphic artist and content creators.
Others include technology related jobs and marketing. Top sites that offer this service are Upwork, SEOClerks, Guru, Freelancer and Fiverr. Others are 99Designs, GigBucks, DoJobsOnline, People per Hour and Fourerr.
  • Upwork
  • SEOClerks
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • 99Designs
  • GigBucks
  • DoJobsOnline
  • People Per Hour
  • Fourerr.
Sell Your Expertise
Everybody has some form of education or knowledge. Some sites have platforms where you sell your expertise.
The platform caters to cooks, teachers, life coaches and creative artists. You can open your own job boards use video chat, email and other resources to provide expert services.
Top websites to consider are Udemy, popexpert, sendowl, teachable and maven. Others are brainmass, createpool and skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Popexpert
  • Sendowl
  • Teachable
  • Maven
  • Brainmass
  • Createpool
  • skillshare
Sell Gift Cards
Sell your unwanted gift cards at raise, CardCash and GiftCard Zen. Other website includes Cardpool and Gift Card Granny. Sell designer bags, purses and accessories ar Fashionphile and Bag Borrow or Steal.
  • CardCash
  • GiftCard Zen
  • Cardpool
  • Gift Card Granny
Sell designer bags, purses and accessories
  • Fashionphile
  • Bag Borrow or Steal.
Sell Cloths
There are many websites to sell your used and new cloths. Although they have different requirements the operation are identical.
Sell your cloths on Tradesy, Poshmark, Recycle Your Fashion and The RealReal. Others are ASOS, Grailed, Material Erld, SnobSWAP and TredUp.
  • Tradesy
  • Poshmark
  • Recycle Your Fashion
  • The RealReal
  • ASOS
  • Grailed
  • Material Erld
  • SnobSWAP
  • TredUp
Sell Telephones and Electronic Gadgets
Sell your smartphone’s and electronic gadgets at uSell, NextWorth, GameStop and SellCell. Others include Exchangemyphone, YouRenew and Swappa
  • uSell
  • NextWorth
  • GameStop
  • SellCell
  • Exchangemyphone
  • YouRenew
  • Swappa
Sell Your Video Games CDs, Vintage Items
Sell your Video Games and CDs at Amazon and SecondSpin. Others are Decluttr and SellDVDsOnline. Sell vintage items on TIAS and Ruby Lane.
  • Amazon
  • SecondSpin
  • Decluttr
  • SellDVDsOnline
Sell vintage items on
  • TIAS
  • Ruby Lane.
Sell Your Art and Craft
Sell your handbags, art and craft at Yokaboo, Zibbet, StoreEnvy and iCraft. More websites include CraftStar, ArtFire, Aftcra, and Etsy.
  • Yokaboo
  • Zibbet
  • StoreEnvy
  • iCraft
  • CraftStar
  • ArtFire
  • Aftcra
  • Etsy
Sell New or Used Books
Places to sell your new or used books are BookFinder and They have tools that search your ISBN number and provide a price. More websites that offer this service are Powells, Cash4Books and BookScouter.