20 Eco-Friendly Green Business Opportunities

Most countries are embracing the green revolution especially corporate entities. Car manufacturers are building eco friendly electric cars with low emissions.
Issues about our environment are in the front burners. In compliance to the changing face of business many companies are going green.
There is an increase in recycling plants, solar energy devices and eco friendly initiatives. This is because clean technology is essential to the survival of the planet. There are many profitable business ideas for small businesses. Here are 20 eco friendly business ideas.
20 Eco-Friendly Green Business Opportunities
1. Recycled Furniture
Recycling furniture can offer household less expensive alternative. The carpenter could make tables, chairs, lamp holders and cupboards.
2. Recycled Tiers
Recycled tiers could be repurposed into furniture. The possibilities are endless and only limited to the craftsman’s imagination.
3. Used Books Vending
Vending used books would save our forests and reduce the need for paper. It also reduces the cost of printing a new book.
4. Organic Pest Control
Traditional pesticides are biohazards and present many health risk. They contaminate the plants and soil composition. The use of bio-pesticides is more environmentally friendly and effective.
5. Organic Grocery Store
Organic food stores offer customers organic produce. The produce includes fruits, and vegetables. The difference between an organic grocery store and a regular one is the growing technique. The produce is farmed naturally without any synthetic manure or pesticide.
6. Beekeeping
Beekeeping is using nature’s natural resources for profit. The bees pollinate the flowers and provide sweet honey for the keeper. Honey is used in many products and attracts premium price.
7. Ecotourism
Ecotourism offers tourists destination places untouched by man. The locations are scenic, clean and natural. An operator tends to make good money in this line of business. However they need mode of transportation, hiking gear and publicity.
8. Fish Farming
There are different types of fish farmed. They are either freshwater or salt water fish. The fresh water fish are ideal for home farming. Common fresh water fish farmed are tilapia and catfish.
9. E-waste recycling
E-waste recycling makes use of our waste and turns them into useful resources. The waste includes water extraction and recycling. Another is turning organic waste into manure.
10. Florist
A florist is close to nature and many have their own gardens. They grow the plants in-house and some have extensive gardens.
11. E-consultancy
An E-consultants job is to teach better eco practices. They offer advice to government, states, companies and individuals.
12. Greenhouse
Operating a greenhouse is profitable and fun. The greenhouse provides crops for sale and home use. The farmer can sell the produce at farmers markets or directly to neighbors.
13. Organic Manure
Organic manure is made from waste food and soil. The manure is rich and ideal for organic farming.
14. Landscaping
A landscaper adds value to any property. They beautify the land by introducing different flowering crops, grass and trees.
15. Herb Farming
Herbs are used for many medicinal purposes. They are easy to grow and are highly sort by alternative medicine practitioners.
16. Worm Farming
Worm farming is a specialized field and profitable. The worms are sold to fish anglers and organic compost companies. They are also used in manufacturing animal feed.
17. Sail Farming
Snail farming is eco friendly and easy to accomplish. The farmer only needs to restrict the snails and provide food and shelter plants.
18. Vermicompost
Vermicompost is made by worms and is very organic. A farmer creates organic compost by securing worms in a location and feed them. Read More.
19. Solar Energy Installer
Solar panels are used to generate electrical power. They are used to power homes offices and equipment. The business is gaining good ground and might replace fossil fuel in future.
20. Green Cleaning
Green cleaners try to minimize the environmental degradation. They offer indoor air quality, proper usage of waste water and safety.


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