6 Things Freelancer should do During Slow Periods

Freelancing is very challenging and time consuming. The individual needs to keep up with fast changing work environment.  Finding regular gigs that pay fair wages also has its own level of difficult.
There are periods of abundance and slow periods. Without regular work, slow periods could degenerate into a nightmarish situation. Many freelancers panic, leading to more mistakes and frustration.
It is essential to use your down time for stocktaking, relaxation and mundane tasks. This would prevent burnout and provide a new perspective.
The watchword is to remain busy, build new contacts and update portfolio. This could eventually lead to new clients and better gigs. Here are 6 things to do during down time periods.
woman walking
1. Go for a Walk
Most freelancers work long hours on their laptops and computers. They create leads, add content to websites and design stuff.
Others create course, offer tutorials, webinars and different functions. All of these activities are time consuming so drop everything and go for a walk.
Such a simple leisure activity could reinvigorate and provide new insight and strategy. Walking is also good cardio vascular exercise for tired muscles.
2. Get Organized
Due to the nature of the business you hardly have time for regular tasks. Try to get organized by file documents, paying utility bills and arranging the work space.
Other task includes rearranging the office, clearing clutter and dusting the office. The small distraction would create sanity to our work space.
3. Update your Portfolio
A good way to while away lean periods is to update portfolio. If your portfolio has images, change and replace old ones.
You could include new project you have completed and add new information. You might have acquired a new degree or certification. Try to update your website by adding quality content and reviewing your prices.
4. Update Social Status
Social media channels are dynamic and constantly changing. You could catch-up with new trends, friends and colleges. Update your social status and create social content. Add images, infographics and reach out to people or groups in your industry.
5. Start a Project
Everyone has projects they put in the burner. Start a personal project like writing an ebook, creating a video tutorial or developing course material. Expressing yourself creatively keeps the mind busy and sharp to new possibilities.
6. Attend Conferences
A good way to relax while gaining new knowledge is to attend conferences. There are many avenues for learning such as conferences, seminars and trade shows. Others are workshops, online tutorials and eBooks.


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