Checklist on How to Start a Business with no Money

Everyone needs some funds to start a business. However being cash strapped is not the end of your entrepreneurship journey. There are many innovative ways to get the ball running. 
You can start the journey on a small budget but you need certain skills or qualification. The sector might depend on your education, creative skill, critical thinking or physical labor.
To succeed you need to focus on a niche you are passionate about and have the required skill. The niche should solve a problem, provide a service or offer something innovative or unique. Some businesses require both education and technical knowledge.
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How to Start a Business without Money
1. Provide a Service
One of the easiest ways to earn capital with zero investment is to sell your service. The service you offer depends on your level of education, qualification or technical skill.
Some services require only physical labor or problem solving. Services that require educational qualification include accounting, web designing, electrical work, architectural designs or consultancy.
 A person with cognate experience can offer consultancy services to people in his industry and area of specialization. Services that involve physical labor include gardening, removal of construction waste, bricklaying, consignee, babysitting and other related services.
2. Resell Products
Another effective strategy if cash strapped is to sell other peoples products. The internet has provided many ways to source or offer products.
Affiliate Marketing: Common strategies include becoming an affiliate and providing a link to the product. The affiliate earns commission for every sale from 5% to 10%.
To succeed the entrepreneur only needs to sign up select products and add then to a blog or eCommerce site. High priced items attract higher returns while lower priced items attract faster sales. So the best technique is to offer both types in your virtual store.
Drop Shipping: Taking affiliate marketing to the next level is drop shipping.  To use this method you need an ecommerce store. You could build a free store by using a free host and add items to the store.
The items could be sourced from china or any destination. Then network with the supplier to provide shipment once an order is made.
The trick is to find low priced items and sell higher. The difference in price and shipping costs is your profit. Some people have built million dollar business using this simple formula.
Buy on Sale Items: Another highly effective strategy is to purchase unique items and sell online. This will require a small amount of working capital.
You then go to flee markets, antique stores, garage sales and thrift store to purchase items. The items are then displayed on online marketplaces. If you have an eye for unique items the business could blossom into a million dollar industry.
3. Use Job boards
There are lots of job boards for professionals in different fields. All you need to do is signup and offer your services to interested persons.
The services could range from writing gigs, web designing, social marketing and logo making. The service you offer depends on your interests and proficiency. Top websites to signup with are Fiverr, Freelancer, iwritter and Elance.
4. Start a Blog
A simple solution to your problems is to start a blog. You could purchase a domain name for as little as $5 and host plan for $35 to $100. Alternately use a free host provider and a sub domain name.
Blogging requires original content, patience and proper planning. The subject matter depends on your interest or education. Once your blog has sufficient content monetize through third party advertisement, direct ads, affiliate programs or sell products or services.
5. Master the Art of Bargaining
There is a new program on digital channels about bargaining. The duo starts out with basic items and bargain up to pricy items.
If you have bargain skills then bargain up items from your home. Another reason to use this technique is to get serious discounts on items of interest.
6. Get Creative
An easy way to earn 3 to 4 times your investment is to build something. If you have sewing skills and a machine taking dust why not sew something.
Those with knitting skills could make sweaters or something for babes. Carpentry skills focus on unique items or furniture while a writer could create an eBook. You get the general idea!
More items to consider include lotions, wooden toys, organic food and candles. There are many online marketplaces to list your items such as Etsy, eBay, Bonanza.


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