How to Become a Computer Animator

A Computer animator creates 3D animation using a computer system. The type of animation depends on the programmer.
Technology provides lots of creative outlet for to design games, motion pictures, special effects and graphics. Here are the career requirements, job description, duties and degrees needed to learn the trade.
Key Skills
The animator needs to posses some natural creative skill. Top on the list is artistic talent, graphic talent, creativity and time management.
  • artistic talent
  • graphic talent
  • creativity
  • good time management
Types of Computer Animation
Before venturing into this creative field you need to know the different types of animation. There are computer animation such as 3D games, feature movies and graphic productions. Focusing on a niche will lead to specialization.
What You Need to Become a Computer Animator
Obtain a Degree
To become an animator you need a university degree. The bachelor’s degree should be in computer animation, graphic arts or fine art. The individual need computer animator design knowledge, graphic arts, computer applications and web designing.
Creative Skill-Key skills are animation skills, design, art and illustration.
Technical Skill- The technical skill involves video compression encoding process. Others are pencil work, digital paper and digital camera skill.
Computer Skill- The computer skills are 2D, 3D animation software, web designing, use of photo image software and graphics.
Animator Education
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Degree in Computer Animation
  • Computer Graphics
Gain Experience
Once you have obtained a degree and training you need experience. Gain experience through internship or secure an assistant position. You might need a mentor or try volunteer work. You would gain job experience by working with established animators.
Learn About Software Packages
There is different software packages used in the animation industry. Popular packages are CorelDraw, illustrator, Photoshop and 3D studio max. Others are Maya, flash and aftereffects. The package you need depends on the niche.
Develop a Portfolio
The portfolio should highlight your skill in a visual way. Use concept sketches, story boards, and paintings. Other was to showcase talent is observational drawings, illustrations, graphic and characterization.
Join an Association
You might be required to join an association in your industry. Benefits include networking, participation in seminars and workshops. Related career include web designing, computer graphics and app development.
Constantly Update Technology
Technology is advancing in an alarming rate. An animator needs to keep abreast of technology to remain relevant in the industry. Invest in online courses, books, tutorials and attend workshops.
Computer animators earn from $60,000 to $70,000. They might need additional knowledge of multiple computer platforms and Job experience requires 1 year entry level position.
Steps to Become a Computer Animator
1. Earn a Degree
2. Become an intern
3. Create a portfolio
4. Join an association


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