How to Become a Software Consultant

Software Developers make good consultant and they have a deep knowledge of software applications. Software consultancy is broad based and accommodates different areas.
To become a consultant you need university education such as bachelor’s, masters or PHD degree. Adequate training in software engineering would be advantageous.
Apart from education you need work experience in a software company. For those interested in the business here are a few ideas.
How to Start a Software Consultancy Business
Get Educated
Acquire a bachelors or masters degree in software engineering. There are also technical colleges that offer software engineering program.  You find many resources in online courses, books and tutorials.
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Become an Intern
You can acquire workplace experience by become an intern. Find a mentor and gain full employment in a software company.  You need to pass an engineering exam to get certification or a license. Make sure you develop your programming skills and apply for entry level jobs.
Focus on a Niche
Software consulting is broad based so you need to focus on a niche. By choosing a niche you can specialized and offer quality service. There are different areas such as systems engineering, networking and cyber security.
Become a Brand
Proper branding involves networking with industrial players. Join an association and attend seminars, workshops and conferences. Working closely with experts in your field will offer more legitimacy.
  • Attend seminars
  • Work with experts
  • Join an association
  • network
Create an Application
The best way to showcase your proficiency is to build an application. Make sure the application solves a problem and is functional. The software consultant can now include the application in his portfolio.
How to Start a Consultancy Business
Write a Business Plan
To launch your business write a consultancy business plan. Focus on business structure, marketing and services. Create a billing system and register the company
Register the Business
Register the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship. Get an employer tax identification number and liability insurance. You can work from home or a dedicated office.
Use electronic and traditional advertising media to reach potential clients Advertise your company in newspapers, magazines and online. Use flyers, posters, banners and sign board.
Build a Website
Choose a host plan, buy a domain name and build a website. Use the website to highlight your services and provide contact information. Drive targeted traffic through Facebook advertisement, Adwords and classified listing.


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