How to Choose an Awesome Business Name

One of the most important decisions is choosing a business name. The name is a reflection of your brand and identity.
The name should be keyword rich and reflect the king of products or services you offer. Before you write a business plan or incorporating a business the first step is choosing a befitting name.
Interesting a simple thing like a business name could increase engagement and define the enterprise. While considering a name you need to find one that truly represents the core value of the company. To help with the process there are basic rules and simple tricks to follow.
Choosing the Right Business Name
The Business Foundation
The business foundation is a simple way to come up with a good name. You need to consider type of product, services, vision and mission statement.
Find out your unique selling point, business structure and target audience. Your location also plays a part in determining a good name.
Make a list of your business priority, products and message. Study your competitor’s names, abbreviations, name length and other parameters.
Brainstorm Ideas
You could conduct a brainstorming season with members of your family. Look at the merits and demerits of certain names. Be creative and use your guidelines to generate multiple names.
The brainstorming could extend to colleagues, business partners and friends. Follow your pre-written guidelines explicitly. Make a long list and gradually eliminate names by crossing them out. Use clever word association, letters and generic names.
Review and Analyze
Now you have your list of names and a few choices you are ready for the next step. Review and analyze the names based on your business values.
Choose names that resonate with your vision and shortlist the remaining contenders. Once you narrow down to five names put the list aside and review in a few days.
Once you return to the list a name would likely resonate with your vision. Choosing a business name is an important task because it is your corporate identity and brand.
Check for Name Availability
 This is the most important step while choosing a name. Before the name is official it should be available.
Search through trademark office, federal government data base or corporate affairs commission. Use online search engines and company registration tools.
Extend your search beyond incorporation to domain names. You need an identical or same name for your online presence.
A good place to search for available domain names are web host providers and domain registers. It is essential you choose a top level domain name for your business. Ways to go around already chosen names are the use of abbreviations or hyphens.
Register the Business Name
Once you have determined the availability you need to register the business name. Register the name with the corporate affairs commission in your country.
You could incorporate the business as a sole proprietor or limited liability company. File a doing business for sole proprietorship to secure the name. Register the domain name with a host provider and claim ownership.
Selecting a business name is moderately challenging but fun. The right name will enhance your services and provide appropriate branding. Once you have the name registered you now own an official business entity.


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