How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger

Every small business or aspiring entrepreneur needs a website or blog. There are lots of publishing formats and host providers.
You have free host and paid host providers. You also have a choice of custom templates, domain names and sub domain names.
To start your blogging experience you need a good platform. Two of the best free host providers are and blogger. We shall focus our attention to blogger services.
Blogger is a publishing platform that accommodates multiple user blogs. The posts are time stamped and arranged from newest post to old posts.
Developed by Pyra labs bought and owned by Google in 2003 they have millions of hosted blogs. They provide free hosting and sub domain names.
The blog builder also has a choice to include a custom domain name and responsive template. The blog master could use a custom URL by redirecting it to blogspot domain. Another good feature on blogger is the integration of Picasa a photograph sharing utility.
The blogs are hosted on Goggle servers since 2006. They feature a simple drag drop editing template, web feed option and reading permission.
It has time stamped posts, link editing in compose mode and various templates. The user can customize the template to achieve desired result. Blogger is optimally integrated with google+ and user can post articles from Microsoft word. Bloggers can also edit blogs from their mobile devices.
Blogger Restrictions and Limitations
There is no limit to the number of pages on one blog but individual pages are limited to 1 MB. Blog description has a 500 character maximum and 100 blogs per account. Maximum number of posts per day is pegged at 50, picture size limit 250KB.
A square favicon image could be added to the blog and should not exceed 100KB. A user can build up to 100 blogs on the platform and repeat violations could lead to suspension of account without notice.
How to use Blogger
Before building your blog read bloggers content policy and terms of service. To have a seamless experience turn on JavaScript and make sure your browser accommodates cookies. Once you have read the policy and terms sign in to blogger. We advice you open a Gmail account and use to sign in.
Create a Blog
Once you are sign in using Gmail the next step is to create a blog. In the top left click down arrow then click new blog. The blog needs a name so enter a name of your choice then choose a blog URL address.
The blog needs a template so choose any of the templates offered by blogger. Finally click Create blog to start posting articles.
To post your first article click post and the post editor will open. Add a title, add posts, description, and tag, publish. You have just created your new blog. To see it click preview or view blog and it will open in a new window.


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