How to Find a Good Business Incorporation Service Online

Every business needs to incorporate to become an entity. The type of incorporation depends on the business structure, ownership structure and function. There are many service providers online that offer incorporation services. But how do you find the right one that offers robust services at reasonable costs.
Helpful Tools and Resources
To streamline the process of incorporation the business owner has a variety of tools. The tools offer easy guides for state filling, entity comparison chart and S-Corp tax calculator. Other useful tools to consider are LLC state information tool, ongoing filling requirements and state filing fees.
How to Find a Good Incorporation Service Online
The Service Provider
The service provider you seek should offer easy LLC formation and business incorporation. The filing of the forms could be carried out by the business owner, attorney or service provider.
Entity Type
The provider should offer are S-corporation and Limited Liability Company formation. Others include C- Corporation and registration of nonprofit organizations. To start using the services you need to be sure of the best platform for your business.
The services offered should include online access to incorporation documents, lifetime customer support and online order and tracking. Others are status report, company alerts and registration service agency services.
The other services should entail verification of company name availability, next business day processing, preparation and filing of articles. Other top services are on compliance, company changes, registration agent choice and IRS Filings.
Compliance-The compliance services are annual report, business license search and certificate of good standing.
Registration Agent and IRS Filings- The person filing for incorporation can choose a registration agent renew or change the agent. IRS filings include tax identification and business taxes.
Company Changes-Company changes services are amendment to membership, change of company name or address. Dissolution involves formal termination of entity. While foreign qualification involves expanding the entity to new states.
Online Services
  • S-corporation
  • Limited Liability Company formation
  • C- Corporation
  • registration of nonprofit organizations
  • online access to incorporation documents
  • lifetime customer support
  • online order and tracking
  • status report
  • company alerts
  • registration service agency
  • verification of company name availability
  • next business day processing
  • preparation and filing of articles
  • compliance
  • company changes
  • registration agent choice
  • IRS Filings.
The pricing they offer for their services should be competitive and fair. The price might include a state fee however the full pricing details should be easily available.
They should have a clear pricing system, no contractual arrangement or no hidden charges. The different prices should be detailed and clearly stated.


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