How to Start a Beef Barbecue Business

Barbecued beef is a delicacy eating as a snack or part of a meal. The business is highly lucrative and practitioners tend to make lots of money.
The beef is called Suya in Nigeria and generally grilled by northerners. However other ethnic groups are gradually making a foray into the industry.  
The snack is usually sold in the afternoon or evenings. Startup is relatively low and you need regular working capital. The practitioner could re-invest the working capital according to customers needs.
Types of Barbecue Beef
There are different types of meat used for commercial barbecue. You have the goat meat barbecue called Asun, grilled assortment meat and Suya.
The Suya meat is generally thin slices of beef on a stick and garnished with different ingredients. The Asun goat meat on the other hand are chopped into small pieces and laced with pepper for a hot taste. While those made with assortment organ meat are cut into bits on order.
How to Open a Suya Spot
To open a Suya spot you need to find an ideal location. The next step is to purchase equipment such as grill, knife and show glass.
Once you have the equipment and location you need a steady source for your product. Make sure you set appropriate price for the product and work in a safe environment.
Find an Ideal Location
The best locations are areas of heavy human and vehicular traffic. Locate your store at junctions, near pedestrian bridges, event centers and drinking joints. Other good locations are within colleges or universities.
  • Junctions
  • near pedestrian bridges
  • event centers
  • drinking joints
  • within colleges or universities
Startup Capital
The startup capital includes fixed and working capital. You need funds to purchase equipment, leasing the space and buying the meat. Source funds through target savings or borrow from friends and family. You could start the business with $300 (N110, 000)
Sourcing the Meat
The amount of meat depends on your customer base. Large Suya spots slaughter the animal themselves. Moderate establishments can purchase the beef from meat sellers.
The Stick meat barbecue has a fixed price of N200 per stick. However the quantity is at the discretion of the business owner. Owners that embrace sharp practices offering low quality products eventually fail. Make sure the portions are fair and consistent with other dealers.
The business does not require any form of marketing. This is because it is location based and services the immediate environment. That is why finding an ideal spot could make or break the business. The only form of advertise is a banner of sign board for the business.
Out calls
To make more money you could cater to social gatherings like weddings or anniversaries. To attract clients you need to advertise in the newspapers or such publications. Use flyers, posters, word of mouth and complementary cards. This business strategy requires a mobile grill for out-calls.
Health and Safety Issues
There are some health and safety issues in this business. They include source of the beef and health of dealer. Other includes risk of accident, fire safety and smoke inhalation. You are not required to incorporate the business however having heath insurance would be beneficial.


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