How to Start a Fried Yam Business in Nigeria

Roadside Business Series
There are many petty trades that attract huge earning. In this our roadside trade series we will focus on a few. The startup capital for such businesses listed in the series are less than N10, 000( $30).
There are many unemployed people and housewives looking to support the family. Roadside business might look degrading to some people however the remunerations is high.
Here is How to Start a Yam Frying Business
Why start a Yam Frying Business
The main reason to start a yam frying business is the huge profit. You get high returns for your labor.
The business template is very simple and equipment basic. The job has its own problems such as smoke inhalation and dust from passing cars.
Others are fire safety protocols and regular harassment from local government authorities. The harassment is usually based on small levies, cleanliness of the immediate environment and obstruction of walking ways.
Best Time to Sell Fried Yam
Yam is ideal as a breakfast or dinner dish. Some people prefer eating it as a snack before meals.
The best time to sell your snack is early in the morning or evening. We have seen women selling the snack even in the afternoon. This was in a location with many small shops and artisans.
How to Start a Yam Frying Business
Find an Ideal Location
To prevent running against local authorities you need to find a sweet spot. The ideal location should be in an area of huge population, human and pedestrian traffic.
The spot should not cause any obstruction to walkways or pedestrian movement. Make sure you keep the environment clean and keep the local authorities in the know.
Cooking Items
The cooking items you need are very few and easily sourced. You need good white yams and 4 liters keg of groundnut oil( ororo).
Most yam sellers add fried fish and sauce to provide a holistic experience. Therefore purchase frozen Titus fish, tomatoes, peppers, and onion to make a small sauce
Fry the fish very well in separate oil from the yam. You can purchase a few tubers of yam to last the week.
Buy iced fish about 1kg or more if you have a good freezer or refrigerator. You can make the small sauce at home and place in a small plastic container with a lid.
Frying the Yam
The production process is easy. You remove the back of the yam and slice the tuber into thin pieces. Wash the sliced yams and add a pinch of salt.
Fry the yam in hot oil till soft and crunchy. The next step is to process the Titus fish and fry in separate oil.
You need only a little equipment to start the business. Buy a large wide rimmed cooking pot and large stirring spoon.
The spoon should have perforated holes to allow the oil drip through while retaining the yam. Other equipment includes kerosene cooker or firewood cooker.
The firewood cooker would involve buying firewood regularly and charcoal.  The kerosene cooker requires kerosene fueling agent. Other equipment’s are cutting knife, plastic container and paper/nylon to sell the snack.
  • wide rimmed cooking pot
  • large stirring spoon
  • kerosene cooker or firewood cooker
  • firewood and charcoal
  • cutting knife
  • plastic container
  • paper
  • nylon
You don’t need to incorporate the business or acquire a business name. The business a one man enterprise and there are zoning requirement.
Others include public heaths and anti pollution issues. You might need a local government permit to operate.
You can start a yam frying business with ten thousand naira. The funds are needed to purchase tuber of yam, oil, firewood and frozen fish. Use your personal funds to start the business and gradually increase you production.
There are no marketing requirements but location visibility. That is why your location should be visible and easily accessible to customers.
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