How to Start a Photocopy Business

The template for a photocopying business is simple. All that is required is a shop, electricity and photocopying machine.
To start this business you need to invest in a brand new machine. Starting out with a used one would eat into your profit and cause serious problems. Due to frequency of use the used machine would likely breakdown in a relatively short time.
To increase profit a copy and print establishment can offer different services. Single page photocopying is tough work and requires several hours of work and periodical maintenance.  It is possible to run a photocopy shop on your own or hire a single staff.
How to Start a Photocopy Business
  • find startup funds
  • write a simple business plan
  • find a prime location
  • purchase equipment
  • register the business
  • marketing
woman using a photocopying machine
1. Funding
The amount you need depends on many factors such as location and type of equipment. Try target savings or borrow from friends and family. You could approach a micro finance bank or cooperative in your area.
  • target savings
  • borrow from friends and family
  • approach a micro finance bank
  • use a cooperative in your area
2. Register the Business
The first step is to register the business as a sole proprietorship. You need insurance and tax identification number. To prevent liability issues register the business as a Limited Liability Company. Choose a simple business name and place a signboard at the storefront of your establishment.
3. Find an Ideal Location
You need to find an ideal location for the business. The best locations should have heavy human and vehicular traffic. Make sure the shop is visible and easily found by customers. Locate the establishment near schools, administrative offices, government offices and companies.
4. Offer Additional Services
We hate to break it to you but relying only on photocopying would not put food on your table. You need to add services to cover utility bills, transportation, rent and maintenance.
Services to consider are bookbinding, document lamination and scanning. Others include typing services, logo designing and printing services. More include fax services, selling recharge cards and document cutting.
5. Marketing
The primary source of advertisement is your signboard. Make it large and visible to pedestrians and motorists.  Register the business in directories, yellow pages and use classified websites. Build a website targeted to your local community and use flyers to advertise to people around your vicinity.


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