How to Start a Roasted Corn Business

Starting a roasted corn business is relatively easy. All that is required is a locally fabricated grill, corn and a sweet spot.
The location is very important to the success of the enterprise. Startup is low and you are not required to register the business. The business is seasonal and operators need to add other farm produce to augment income.
Starting a Roasted Corn Business

The business does not require huge funds. You can target save or borrow from friends and family. Approach a micro finance bank, cooperative or thrift society for soft loans.
Purchase Equipment
The first step to starting a roasted corn business is to buy equipment. You need a grill, large bowl and dustbin. Other requirements are firewood, charcoal and knife.
A fabricated grill could be made by cutting a large drum into two and welding a stand. The top is then covered with a mesh to place the corn and the grove filled with charcoal and firewood.
roasted corn
Sourcing the Product
Corn is seasonal and grows rapidly on most terrains. Purchase the corn by approaching corn farmers in your area.
Buying directly from the farmer would guarantee high profit margins and returns. Alternately buy from wholesalers or market women.
How to Make Roasted Corn
The process of making roasted corn is rather simple and straightforward. You peal the corn, wash and place on grill. The corn should be properly roasted by turning intermittently.
To provide verity you might consider selling boiled corn to customers.  Boil the corn in a large pot and place on local firewood cooker. To produce boiled corn you peal, wash and boil in large pot. Then cover the corn to increase the temperature in the pot.
Find an Ideal Location
It is very important finding an ideal location. The location should be busy and thriving. Find a spot near a pedestrian walkway, market or relaxation spot.
A busy location increases your success rate. Most traders source empty spaces or approach existing residents for consent.
You don’t need any registration or incorporation. However print a sign board or banner to attract patronage. There are some fire safety and waste disposal issues from the corn peal. And the business owner might pay some small local government levies.
There is a standard price for roasted or boiled corn based on the size. Make sure your prices are competitive and fair. The business does not require any marketing but visibility and easy access is mandatory. 


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