How to Start a Roasted Plantain Business

Plantain is a tropical plant that has lots of culinary applications. The fruit is boiled, grilled, baked and fried. It has a nice aroma and delicious taste.
Plantain is eaten both ripe and unripe and could be found in many food products. Popularly called Boli the snack is common is southern parts of Nigeria and Ghana. Startup for this business is very low and you can launch the enterprise with less than $300 (N100, 000) 
How to Start a Roasted Plantain Business
Find an Ideal Location
To start the business make sure you find an ideal location. The business is based on visibility and easy access. Best locations are pedestrian walkways, busy streets, and leisure spots. You don’t need a business name or advertisement to succeed.
Get Supplies
During plantain season especially in the tropics the fruit is abundant. You can source the fruit directly from farmers, wholesalers or market women. The bigger your enterprise and customer base the more fruits you need. The production also depends on your customer base and regular patronage.
woman roasting plantain
How Roasted Plantain is made
The process of making roasted plantain is very simple and straightforward. You purchase the plantain in bulk, especially the not so ripe ones. However the plantains you need to make the snack are the ripe ones.
The process involves washing the ripple plantain and peeling the skin. The person should have the grill ready and hot.
There are two types of grills the locally fabricated ones and imported grills. Most road side sellers use locally fabricated ones or improvised grills.
You slice into twp or place the whole plantain on the grill and turn as appropriate. This is to avoid burning and present an evenly grilled delicacy.
In addition to the grilled plantain the sellers could sell groundnut. Groundnut goes nicely with grilled plantain and soft drinks.
Some include a sauce made from tomatoes, peppers, onion, groundnut oil and flavoring. Some sell alongside the plantain, local fruit and roasted fish to accompany the snack.
  • Groundnut
  • Soft drinks
  • Sauce
  • Fried fish
  • Local
The equipment needed to start a grilled plantain business is simple and basic. You need a grill and sharp knife. The grill could use coal or any kind of accelerant like firewood.
  • Grill
  • sharp knife
  • pots
  • firewood
  • charcoal
  • foil paper or newspaper
The business is not regulated in Nigeria so dealers have a field day. All they need to succeed is a good location with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The operator might pay for a popular space including small local government levies.
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