How to Start a Roasted Yam Business

The roasted yam business requires very small startup capital. The primary expenditure is the yam, coal and rent. To start find a sweet spot with lots of pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Then source your product from farmers, wholesalers and market woman.
Ways to Start a Roasted Yam Business
Best Locations
The best locations are close to a shopping complex, government offices or secondary school. Roast yam is a snack that is eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make sure you operate in a commercial or urban area.
Tools of the Trade
The tools of the trade are basic and easily sourced  in the open market. You need a locally fabricated grill, knives and bowl. The heating mechanism in the grill is either firewood or coal.
To secure startup funds try target saving or borrow from friend and family. The amount you need depends on cost of yam, coal and rent.
Many roasted yam sellers find empty plots and take permission from residents. The plots are usually used free of charge without any leasehold.
Other ways to raise funds include borrowing from a thrift society, commercial bank or community bank. You can conveniently start with less than $300(N 20,000).
Yam Supply
You need a credible source to buy the yams. Yam is abundant in northern Nigeria and south eastern states. Buy from farmers in you locality or remote village. You can also get fair prices from wholesalers.
  • Buy from farmers
  • Wholesalers
  • Market women
The profit margin is very low because of the skyrocketing price of yam. The best way to augment income is to add other food items. You can add sweet potatoes, beans fried fish and corn. It is possible to make N1500 to N4000. 
Marketing and License
A roasted yam seller is not required to incorporate a business name. Same apply for marketing because all you need is a small sign board. Startup is low and very low maintenance.


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