How to Start a Yam Business in Nigeria

Yam is abundant in Nigeria and there are different species. The food is a delicacy in many homes and has lots of culinary applications. Despite having different species of yam the white Dioscorea Rotundata is the most popular. The white yam is cultivated in most parts of West Africa.
Uses of Yam
There are many uses for yam especially in meals. Yam is cooked, boiled, fried, steamed or grilled. They are made into flakes, sliced or pounded to make pounded yam. Some are grated and ground to make commercial yam flour.
Types of Yam Business
There are basically four yam related sectors. There is the yam farm, sell wholesale and retail sector. The yam farmer needs a large parcel of land, adequate water and good soil.
The fresh yam is then bought buy wholesalers for export or the local market. The retailer purchases the yam from the wholesaler and sells directly to consumers.
Farming Yam
Secure fertile land, weed the ground and provide a water source. Plant the sett or yam ‘seeds’ early in the year. Harvesting is done late in the year around November.
Wholesale Yam Business
Wholesalers usually go to farms in villages to source the product. The yam are then gathered from many farmlands and transported in trucks to the major cities.
Yam Retailers
Yam retailers are market women in different locations. The market women work collectively in an association. The retailers purchase the yam from the wholesalers and distribute to members according to their financial involvement.
Yam Export Market
Yam is exported to many countries and it attract good price. In Africa, Ghana is the major exporter of yam. This is because farmers and exporters carry out strict compliance to international standards. Major export destinations are United Kingdom, USA and Europe.
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