How to Transfer or Sell Blogger Blog

You can’t actually sell a blogger blog because you don’t own the platform. You could sell the contextual content or invite someone as administrator.
However it is possible to transfer the blog to others with minimum effort. The most appropriate way to sell a blog is having a blog and paid host plan. To transfer a blog and give complete control to another is relatively simple however there are a few things to consider.
Things to Consider
Blog selling or flipping is big business and attract good earning. However the value of a blog is determined by many factors. The price depends on monthly earnings, traffic, popularity and content. Other factors are domain name, niche, social media followers and competitors.
How to Sell a Blog
To flip a blog you need to register in a marketplace. The most popular market place to sell domain names and blogs is flippa. Others include SEDO the domain name giants and digital point. 
Transferring the Blog
The first step to transfer a blog is to log in to blogger account and click on settings. Then find add authors and click on it. The next step is to add an email address in the dialogue box and click invite author at bottom left. If done properly it will show invitation sent.
The New Author
Once the person accepts the invitation by click on the link sent through email he is automatically added as an author. As an author you have granted the person access to your blog.
To grant the person full access you need to make him admin of the blog. To do this you need to click on the arrow beside author.
The final step is to remove yourself from the blog by clicking on x mark beside your admin profile. Once this is done you have given the person full access and you are no longer associated with the blog.
Steps to Transfer a Blogger Blog
  • Log into blogger account
  • Click settings
  • Setting basic, permissions find blog authors
  • Click on add authors
  • Add email of invited person
  • A notification of 1 invite sent is shown
  • The invited party accepts and automatically is added as an author
  • Make the person admin by clicking arrow beside author
  • Remove yourself by clicking x beside your name in admin
  • You are no longer associated with the blog and full transfer is made to the person.
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