The Perfect Product Launch Formula to Make 6 Figures in 7 Days

The best way to earn huge income online is to create and sell a product. The top selling products are eBooks, Tutorials and online courses.
To get a feel of online courses as a newbie should go to Udemy the online course masters. To sell a course you need to develop digital marketing skills.
The clinker is competition with thousands on digital products to gain sales. To start the process you need to develop a product launch formula that works. There are hundreds of techniques markets use to achieve success but only a few actually deliver.
How to Successfully Launch an Online Course
Things to Learn
  • Learn how to make $50,000+ in 1 week
  • Learn how to develop a product launch formula
  • Learn how to create mental triggers to drive insane sales
  • How to put a formidable product together
  • Achieving success
The Product
The most important aspect of the journey is creating a product. The product should be high quality, solve a problem and provide a step by step guide for subscribers.
Give the product a keyword rich name that defines the content in specific terms. Another trick is to offer on completion of the project a downloadable certificate.
Study segments in your online course should include introduction and planning. Other stages in the course include how to do something, where to find something and actualizing the task.
What Makes a Successful Product?
A successful product should answer questions and solve problems. Provide high quality in-depth analysis of the subject matter with clear practicable solutions. Showcase your experience and guru status to buttress your point.
The Online Course
The average course material is usually made-up of modules and lessons. Others include videos, printable sheets and exams. The number of modules, lessons and videos are at the producer’s desecration.
Common numbers are 10 modules, 50 lesions, 6 printable, 5 tests/exams and 25 videos. To create the course you use learnDash and SamCart for checkout. You need a checkout system that can integrate different payment processors and easy checkout.
The Product Launch
It could take several weeks to a month to create a quality product. The next step is launching the product successfully and earning huge sums for your effort.
A good strategy is the side sales letter technique developed by Jeff Walker. He has a good free training video that explains the concept. His technique has generated millions of dollars in niche based products.
Most marketers send a single sales letter, however the technique involve a series of prelaunch content. The sideways sale strategy also takes into account mental triggers to make people buy your product.
The Sales Message
There are two ways to deliver a sales message to your audience. You can use a series of short videos are context. Short videos are a very effective strategy because it lends a face to the product.
Prelaunch Video or Text 1
The first prelaunch video or text should grab the attention of the audience. Focus you pitch on the opportunity and a chance to change. The pitch should include a title, mental triggers and launch story. Others include the problem, solution and an introduction of the subject matter
Prelaunch Video or Text 2
Focus the next content on what is the opportunity or transformation. This should provide insight on how it would change the audience life. The sales pitch should have a title, metal triggers and launch story. Others include the problem, the solution and introduction of the next problem.
Prelaunch Video or Text 3
Focus this sales pitch to ownership experience and how it will change the audience life. Provide a simple solution by using the same formula. Title, metal triggers, launch story, the problem, the solution and introduce the next problem.
The Sales Video or Text
Finally you send the actual sales video or text. The first three sales letters should have delivered huge amount of information by touching key areas of the subject matter. Deliver actual tangible content that solve real problems associated to the subject.
Structure the sales video with a title, mental trigger, launch story, the problem and finally offer a full course as the solution. By offering the course the audience are called to take action and buy the course.
The Result
If you have a moderate mailing list and quality product the result would be outstanding. Offer a limited purchase period of 1 week and watch your sales go through the roof. You have just achieved the perfect launch formula.


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