The Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a Jumia Affiliate

Jumia is an online store with a presence in many countries. The shopping website sells household items, electronic, kitchen utensils and fashion items.
Founded by Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara the group was launched in 2012. They have vast interests in food, online hotel bookings and jobs. The store offers webmasters a chance to monetize by joining their affiliate program.
Jumia Affiliate Program
The Jumia affiliate program offers big earning up to 11% on commissions. To join the program you need to register for free and wait for approval. Once approved, they offer banner and link advertisement to publishers.
The banners have deep-link generators to track customer behavior. You get paid on an order that emanate through your link. This is only applicable if a sale is made within 30 days.
You can optimize using their comprehensive tools for better performance and higher returns. The affiliate program is ideal for publisher or webmaster with reasonable traffic.
Things you Need
There are a few things you need to become a Jumia affiliate. You need an email address to receive correspondence, bank account to receive earnings and a blog.
To sign up go to Jumia affiliate page. Then click become on affiliate and fill the form. The information you provide in the form are name, email address, mobile number, website and country of resident.
You also choose an account type and add your website URL. The next step is to read their terms and agreement then click 'Start Earning' button. You need to confirm your email by clicking the confirmation link.
  • email address
  • bank account
  • a blog
Approval Period
You don’t get automatic approval because they will check out your site. The approval period is from 4 to 7 days. They are not very strict but expect a decent site with moderate traffic. Once approved go to the affiliate dashboard and select a product or banner.
The categories available to affiliates are automobile & Motorcycles, Books & Stationary, Computer. Others include TVs, audio & video, fashion, games & consoles. More include health & beauty, kid & babies, sports & fitness, mobiles & tablets.
Jumia Affiliate Earning Commissions
The commission depends on the type of product sold. The default, games and consoles attract 4%.The second lowest commission is 5% and items in this category are television sets, video and audio units.
Others are computers, mobile phones and tablets. Cameras & accessories are placed at 6% and you get 7% on kids & babies, home & living. Higher commissions are earned on books & stationary 10%, health & beauty 10% fashion 12%.

Books & Stationary
Cameras & Accessories

Health & Beauty
Home & Living
Kids & Babies
Sports & Fitness
TVs, Audo & Video
Mobiles & Tablets
Automotive & Motorcycles
Games & Consoles

Jumia Banners and Links
The next step is to implement Jumia banners or links on your blog. Sign into your affiliate account, click tools-banners.
Then select advertising offer and your country. Finally choose shopping category and click banner folder and select a banner size.
Once you have the code implement it on your blog. To place the banner on your blog login to your Wordpress blog and select a text widget. Paste the code and save.
Check your earnings
To check earning login into your Jumia account and on your dashboard click report –conversions, then select country. You can also choose a specific period to see the conversions or sales. To receive payment click on payment then payment details.
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