Top 10 Agricultural Products Produced by Farmers

Small business owners explore the production end of farming. The farm products such as tomatoes, oranges, pineapples and bananas are easy processed.
Some are made into canned products while others are extracted for their juice. Some trees are best suited for firewood and making charcoal for export.
Livestock farmers also contribute to the consumer industry with products like sardine, corned beef and sausages. Here are 10 agricultural products produced by farmers or food industry.
Top 10 Agricultural Products Produced by Farmers
1. Beeswax production
Beeswax is a derivative of the honey comb and has lots of commercial applications. The bee farmer establishes the bee colony and periodically collects the beeswax. Make sure the bee farm is isolated and away from residential areas.
2. Honey
Honey is a delicious sweet tasting liquid produced by bees. It is highly nutritious and a good replacement for sugar. Pure honey attracts good price in the market and highly sort. Honey is the only product that hardly spoils and has a long shelf life.
3. Firewood Production
One notable product from trees is firewood. Firewood has been harness for thousands of years as a source of fire for cooking and warmth. It also provides power to engines and machinery.
The wood is harvested from large trees and cut into small manageable pieces. Environmental concerns has adversely affected the firewood business, however the business remains highly profitable and relevant.
4. Jam Production
Jam is made from natural ingredients and is tasty. The product is delicious and has a reasonable shelf life.
To start the production process you need adequate knowledge and a recipe. Other requirements are fresh produce, equipment and ready market. Sell the products to supermarkets; flee markets and small store owners.
5. Fruit Canning
Fruit canning is another profitable venture. Almost any type of fruit is canned and sourced locally. Get your supplies from local farmers and wholesalers. The can should be properly labeled with the day of production and expiration date.
6. Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is a healthy extract from fruits. It could be extracted from a particular fruit or a combination of different fruits. To start a fruit juice business you need equipment, good location and eager customers.
7. Wine Production
Wine production is a complex process that involves delicate procedures. To produce wine you need a large vineyard with lots of grape fruits. Startup is capital intensive and you need mechanization of casual labor.
8. Meat Packaging
Meat is usually sold across the counter or at a butcher’s store. You could get creative and package the meat according to the weight in kilograms.
9. Spice Production
India has thousands of spices in the market. You could experiment with different combinations to come up with your own special spice.
10. Oil Processing
Edible oil is process from different farm products such as olive or groundnut. The process of extraction is practicable using locally fabricated equipment and methods. The quality of the oil depends on the extraction process and purity.
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