20 Top Advertisement Networks for Publishers in 2018

Webmasters and publishers have a wide range of advertisement options to monetize their websites and blogs.  The advertisement networks serve 3 party advertisements to publishers.
They offer different formats such as CPV, CPA, CPC and CPM. Some networks require no traffic while others have minimum monthly traffic. You need to read the terms and conditions before signing up with any network.
1. wwwPtomoters
wwwPromoters model are CPV, CPA, CPC and CPM. They use advance targeting and offer high rates. They serve high quality adverts and use powerful publisher tracking software. The minimum traffic required to get on their bandwagon is 1,000,000.
2. Tribal Fusion
Tribal Fusion supports publishers with minimum traffic of 500,000. They offer publisher one of the highest rates in the market.
The publisher has the option to block certain categories like gambling alcohol or sexual content. The advertisements served are based on the sites content and focus.
3. Chitika
Chitika has been around for a long time. They have no minimum traffic specification and the model is CPC. They use optimization technology and proprietary targeting. The ad publishers boast over 350,000 publishers on their network.
4. AdCash
AdCash model is the CPA, CPC and CPM model. They use effective targeting, exclusive pricing models and serve high quality ads. There are no minimum traffic requirements for publishers.
5. Conversants
Conversants supports CPA, CPC and CPM. There are no minimum traffic requirements for publishers.
They have a powerful cross platform advertisement solution and 5,000 brands monthly. They offer ads in multiple formats including standard display ads.
6. PulsePoints
PulsePoints model is the cost per mile and publishers have no minimum traffic requirements. They use data driven ad optimization and proprietary context targeting. They pay per impression and are transparent in their dealings.
7. BlogAds
You have full control over your advertisement with BlogAds. The model they support is CPC and CPA.
There is no minimum traffic however they take 14% per sale. Publishers also have the option to managing multiple websites from a single account.
8. PropellarAds
Publishers get real time reporting and a personal account manager. They have 3000 campaigns and benefit of 100 monetization inventory.
The models they support are CPA, CPC and CPM. They offer banner ads of different sizes from standard to in-banner video ad format.
9. Adsterra Network
They offer different ad formats such as pop-under, direct links and display banners. You get a personal account manger, bi-weekly payments through different payment systems.
They have an impressive geo-targeted ad impression exceeding ten billion. The model they favor are CPA, CPC and CPM.
10. Infolinks
Infolinks has the in-fold, in-text, in-tag and in-frame ads. With over 220,000 publishers in 30 countries you are in good company. The platform is easy to integrate and has no minimum traffic requirements.
11. Adbuff
You receive $25 welcome bonus on approval. There preferred sites are those in Canada, US and United Kingdom. Publishers earn one of the highest RPMs in the market. To signup your site need a minimum of 2000 unique views daily.
12. Ad Maven
They have wide range of monetization options. You have the slider ads, light box, pop-under, banners and interstitial. They have a good approval rate for publishers looking to serve adverts on their site.
13. Media.net
Media.net is powered by yahoo and serves contextual ads. They feature high quality ads from local and national advertisers. There are no traffic requirements and the models they support are CPM, CPC, and CPA.
14. AdBade
The adbade network looks for premium websites. The site should have a minimum monthly impression of 500,000.
15 BidVertiser
Bidvertiser’s advertisement models re CPM and CPC. They have good reporting interface and offers highest possible revenue on each unit. They have skyscrapers, mobile ads, banners and rectangle.
16 Undertone
They provide quality user engagements and high impact ads. You need minimum traffic of 500,000 and the model supports CPV, CPC, CPM nod CPA
Clicksor uses CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI models. They serve over 900 million impressions and compatible with Drupal, Wordpress, blogger and Joomla platforms. They have no traffic requirements and serve advertisements using the latest contextual tech.
18 Epom Market
 The Epom Market has publishers in 40 countries and serves millions of unique visitors monthly. They offer local ads, mobile and category targeted ads.
The model is auction CPM, CPC, CPA and the website should have minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly impressions.
19 Haxhax
Haxhax requires minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly. The models they support are CPM, CPV, auction and CPC. The only want only premium websites and publishers.
20. Media Nexus
To join Media Nexus you need huge traffic. They support fortune 500 global brands and is very exclusive. You get dedicated account manger, and monthly payment. The model they support re CPV,CPC and CPM.


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