26 Ways to Instantly Increase Amazon Earnings

If you haven’t joined the Amazon Affiliate program then you are not making good use of affiliate earnings. The program is easy to join and offers a huge selection of products.
You simply signup, select a product and add your unique affiliate link. You get commission for every sale that emanates from your blog or website. They have tracking that follows a user’s activity for a period not exceeding 2-3 weeks.
To increase your earning you have different strategies that convert. However the most important consideration is organic traffic. Once you have lots of organic traffic that converts, you can make hundreds of dollars monthly.
26 Actionable Tips For Affiliate Marketers
How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings       
1. Learn to Split Test Your Page. Split test to find out what your audience wants. Focus on posts that drive sales and replicate.
2. Include a call to action- Always include call to action such as 'Buy Now', 'Check Prices'
3. Split Test your Call to Action. Use different call to action techniques to find the most effective.
4. Add Comparison Tables- An effective way to create a good effect is to add comparison table. This affords the visitor a chance to decide on the best product.
5. Run Test Different Advertisements. Another strategy is to run different advertisement to find the ones that convert.
6. Link Your Images to Amazon. It is very important you link your images to Amazon
7. Include Call to Action at the end of an article. This provision is straightforward by adding a call to action to direct buyers to sales page.
8. Set up FB News Feeds
9. Write Best Seller List. Many affiliates have found best seller lists an effective tool in attracting sales.
10. Promote Only High End Products. For higher commissions you can choose to sell high end products.
11. Review Keywords. Always strive to review keywords
12. Write Posts showing visitors functionality of products. Add a good description of the product to explain its functions.
13. Try to track your affiliate Links. Track your affiliate links to make sure they are working properly. If your links are not working you would not make any sales?
14. Include your own graphics. Info-graphics are a powerful tool used to convey messages.
15. Monetize traffic. The whole essence of running an affiliate program is to make money and monetize your traffic.
16. Remove other monetization methods and focus only on Amazon. A good idea is to focus on only one monetization technique. Use only Amazon products to generate sales.
17. You can also sell more cheaply priced products. Some webmaster tries to balance the products by selling cheaper items. This strategy works because you make regular and more frequent sales.
18. Make sure you create sales funnels, repeat, evaluate, analyze and track
19. Use holidays to create new sales Promotions. The holidays are a gold mine for affiliate merchants. They attract discounts, bundle sales and lower prices.
20. Remove the poor converting Amazon e-Store. The Amazon store has been scraped because it converted badly. If you still feature it on your website remove it.
21. Create a buyers guide. A Buyers guide would provide useful information for visitors.
22. You need to build an email list. The email list captures visitors interested in particular products. You can compile the list and send offers to interested parties.
23. Leverage on the power of social media
24. Keep your goal in focus
25. Void looking like a spammer
26. Try to target long tail keywords


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