40 Green Small Business Opportunities for Investors

Green businesses are fast gaining popularity in these modern times. This is because the general public is becoming more environmentally conscious.
There are also many government campaigns and non–government organizations dedicated to green living. There are many green businesses for investors to consider. They aid the environment while providing good earnings for the practitioners. Here are 40 Green Business Opportunities
40 Green Businesses for Small Entrepreneurs
1. Food Plant Nursery
To help the environment a small investor can open a greenhouse or plant nursery. The nurse could provide organic products for gardeners and food stores. They can sell small food plants or produce for the local community.
2. Green Florist
 Growing organic plants and flowers is good business. You need special license for commercial ventures and follow strict soil composite and growing techniques.
Green florists can sell their flowers to flower shops, weddings,  interior decorators or during valentine.
3. Gift Basket
Gift baskets are very popular during festive occasions. Make sure the items you include in a hamper are organic and green. Use sustainable materials to make the baskets.
4. Juice Bar
You can decide to open a juice bar and earn regular income. In many countries there are lots of fruits to choose from.
The common fruits are oranges, pineapple, grapes, and mangoes. Startups for a juice bar include shop rent, juicer, supplies and basic store furniture.
5. Green Bed and Breakfast
Although the idea is new, green bed and breakfast are springing up in many countries. The hospitality industry is a billion dollar sector that attracts huge earnings.
If you own a house in a popular tourist destination you can turn it into a bed and breakfast establishment. Makes sure you find out the state laws guiding such an enterprise.
6. Rent Sola Power Vehicles
You can decide to rent solar powered vehicles to commuters. The vehicles don’t come cheap and you need serious cash to get into this business. The business is profitable in tourist destinations and small cities.
7. Bicycle Rent
Renting bicycles is similar to renting vehicles. The difference is the low overhead costs of bike rentals. Setup your business in a tourist area with low vehicular traffic. Some tourist love riding along scenic routes and feel close to nature.
8. Environmental Lawyer
If you have education as a lawyer you could specialize in environmental issues. Environmental lawyers focus on nature issues such as oil pollution, waste disposal, vehicle emissions and logging.
9. Green Fair
You can become a green fair organizer and smile to the bank. You need good environmentally friendly themes, sponsors and ideal venue. You can charge for admission and exhibitors.
10. Car Sharing Service
Car sharing service reduces dependency on vehicle operators. It also reduces cost for the users. The green aspect of this business is reduced number of cars on our roads.
11. Electric Car Charging Stations
Once you have electric cars you need charging stations. Starting a charging station is slightly challenging and lucrative.
12. Organic Farming
Organic farming is very important to our environment. Sustainable farming reduces pollutants in the soil and produces healthy food for the general public. Organic products also attract premium prices.
13. Open an Organic Restaurant
Restaurant business is very lucrative and practitioners earn lots of income. An organic restaurant is even more profitable and high-end.
14. Organic Gift Shop
Have you considered opening an organic gift shop? Organic shops stock only organic products and inventory. They are trendy and attract lots of patronage.
15. Green Software Developer
The web designer or app maker can develop software for green living. The software could focus on improving specific industries and solutions.
16. Green Publishing
Green publishers focus on environmental issues. You can start a magazine or newspaper on green culture.
17. Cartridge Refilling
Ink is a very nasty solution that affects the environment. By providing ink refill solutions you can reduce the impact of waste ink on our environment
18. Green YouTube Channel
YouTube video reaches billions of people daily. You can start a YouTube Channel focused on green living.
19. Second Hand Store
Open a second hand store and save our dumps from excess waste. There are many items that need basic refurbishing to become new. Sell used items such as cloths, sandals, books and accessories.
20. Sell Eco-Friendly Toys
There are many toy manufacturers focused on eco-friendly toys. The toys play a small part in keeping our cities clean.
21. Tech Refurbishing
There are billions of smartphone’s, iPods and other tech devices. They need constant repair and refurbishing to remain functional. Providing this service is profitable and interesting. You need basic tech knowledge of different operating systems and components.
22. Used Book Store
There are used books everywhere. Therefore opening a used book store is very profitable. Make sure the books you stock are in high demand and locate the store close to a tertiary institution.
23. Sell Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy efficient lighting saves lots of wasted energy. There are lots of technologies such as solar or rechargeable energy. The bulb are also energy saving and low cost technology.
24. Green Consultant
A green consultant is a professional that offer green solutions to companies and businesses. They help provide sustainable energy solutions.
25. Bicycle Repair
Many used bicycles are repairable and can be refurbished. The bicycle repair man tends to make lots f money providing this service. To increase income the person could purchase used bikes, repair, refurbish and sell.
26. Air Duck Cleaner
An air duct clear helps the environment by providing clean air solutions. They work in homes, companies and office complex.
27. Natural Soap Manufacturer
You can make soap with natural ingredients. The soap attracts premium prices and is trendy. Make sure the soap has a nice aroma and appearance. Package the soap appropriately and register the product with the regulatory authorities.
28. Green Event Planner
There are event planners who embrace the green revolution. They offer green event solution for weddings, anniversaries and social gatherings.
29. Recycling
Recycling is the number one solution for environmental problems. You can start a recycling plant or supply such plants recyclable material. Common materials found in a recycle plant are paper, glass, steel and aluminum.
30. Refurbish Furniture
The carpenter could make huge earning refurbishing furniture. The business is highly lucrative and important to the environment.
3. Green Blogger
A green blogger could focus on environmental issues. The job description is similar to green magazines and newspapers.
32. Landscapers
Landscapers work closely with nature. They can offer green solutions and work with nature to create beautiful gardens.
33. Organic Caterer
An organic caterer works only with organic food. There are lots of produce to use and develop amazing menus.
34. Trash Collection
A trash collector provides an invaluable service. The job might seem nasty but practitioners make lots of money.
35. Organic Food Stand
Organic food stands only sell organic products. The products cost higher than regular stores but are very popular.
36. Pool Cleaner
The pool cleaner uses basic tool to keep pools fresh and safe. The business requires low startup and knowledge of pool cleaning.
37. Solar Panel Installers
Solar panel installers provide power solutions to urban and rural areas. The technology is clean, efficient and sustainable.
38. Herbal Solutions
Herbal remedies account for 1/3 of all medical solutions. Practitioners have amassed huge fortunes providing herbal solutions and medications.
39. Green Fashion
Fashion designers keep pushing the boundaries. They can go into green fashion and create beautiful wears.
40. Green Produce
Manufactures can consider making green produce. They can leverage on organic farm produce and create healthy food without preservatives or supplements.


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