How to Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Traffic and Sales

Ecommerce sites struggle with sales and traffic. To increase traffic you need lots of organic visitors to your site. Other ways to increase traffic is through search engine optimization, Facebook adverts and social media. You need quality posts, product reviews, email marketing and video marketing.
Instantly Increase Ecommerce Traffic
1. Video Marketing
An effective strategy is video marketing. The top brands in different industries use this strategy to drive conversions and traffic to their websites.
Video marketing is engaging and easy to create. The videos aid conversions and are ideal for social sharing. Use video on Facebook, YouTube and other sharing platforms.
2. Use Advertisement Re-Targeting
Another effective strategy is to use advertisement re-targeting. You can re-launch a successful advert and leverage on your existing audience.
3. Use Facebook Advertisements
Another effective marketing strategy is using Instagram and Facebook advertisements. You can boost your post or start an advert campaign on Facebook.
You can use email marketing strategy to gather mailing list of interested visitors. Facebook offers low cost per click, leads and traffic.
You can use dynamic product ads, acquisition campaign and carousel adverts.  Good way to know best performing advertisement is to test different ad placements and campaigns.
4. Use Search Engine Optimization
You can increase traffic to your ecommerce store through SEO. SEO techniques include quality posts, backlinks, alter text and image description. Use long tail keywords. The aim is to drive organic traffic and get good search ranking.
5. Use Adwords
A popular way to drive traffic is through google Adwords. Adwords drive conversions and top listing on ad section of search page.
This technique is pricey but effective with good results. The marketing system operates the PPC (pay per click) format.
6. Gather Data
Use conversion optimization, qualitative analysis and research. Study you visitor’s behavior, interviews and surveys. Use google analytics and other information gathering tools.
7. Email Marketing
Email marketing is powerful tool webmasters use to drive traffic. There are top email aggregators that are paid or free.
Use popup emails to collect visitors information. To get emails use product reviews, coupons, free gifts and recommendations. Email marketing is the best way to get conversion leads.
8. Use Instagram
You can increase your eCommerce traffic by using Instagram. The social media giants have over 750 million active users.
You can drive traffic by posting regularly, competing, and engage followers. Another effective marketing technique is leverage on influencer’s and competitors. Managing your Instagram marketing campaign would attract traffic to your eCommerce site.
9. Use Giveaways
Every body loves giveaways and actively participates. Organize competitions, use free gifts to create a buzz. You can use social media channels, your ecommerce site or email marketing.


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