How to Make and Sell Ringtones

Ringtones are generally snippets of music or voice recordings. The user is informed through a telephony signal of incoming call as a ringtone. They are ideal for customization and personalization of phones.
The snippet can emanate from an existing song or specially created for phone users. The sound individualizes the phones to the preference and taste of the owner.
Ringtone business is highly lucrative and many investors earn lots of money monthly. A top creator can earn over $100,000 from a viral tone.
The tones are sold via the internet or a phone service provider. The ringtone could be a message, song sample snippet or mix of sounds. The tone is only subjective to the creativity of the producer.
Commercial Value
Ringtones are estimated to have sold $714 million in 2007. Global sales top $3.5 billion in 2003 and sales of $4.5 billion in 2016. The worldwide sales of ringtones continue increasing with subscribers eager to pay from $1 to $3 dollars for their favorite tones.
How it Works
The first step is to create a snippet not more than 20 second. Upload the ringtone, share and earn.
You can sell ringtones, alarm clock sounds and text tones. You can sell on iTunes to mobile users worldwide.
You can use video, audio or record new content. Top markets are Android, iPhone and other smartphone’s. To succeed you need to signup with a distribution network, upload and earn monthly payouts.
Ringtone Format
There are different types of encoding format for ringtones. You have the FLAC for smartphone’s such as Android and Blackberry and eMelody for Ericsson.
Others are AAC used by Iphones and Sony Ericsson and iMelody the monophonic format for Nokia smart messaging. More are 3GP popular with 3G mobile phones, QCP, Palm base technology, Mp3 format. Some popular formats are Motorola’s MOT, MIDI and PMD.
  • FLAC for Android and BlackBerry
  • eMelody for Ericsson
  • AAC used by Sony Ericsson
  • iMelody for Nokia smart messaging
  • 3GP
  • 3G mobile phones
  • QCP, Palm base technology
  • Mp3 format
  • Motorola’s MOT
  • MIDI
  • PMD  
Types of Ringtones
There are basically four types of ringtones. We have the sing tone, truetone, polyphonic and monophonic tones.
The sing tone is combines back tracks and a recorded voice. The sound is usually delivered in karaoke fashion.
The truetone is recorded as mp3 or AAC format. They are generally song excerpts, superphonic, mastertone or audio recording.
Polyphonic ring tones are sequential or synthesized music. Polyphonic tones are capable of sounding different notes at once while the monophonic tones are fashioned to play only one tone.
  • Sing tone
  • Truetone
  • Polyphonic
  • Monophonic tones.
How to Make and Sell Ringtones
Conduct a Research
The producer of a tone needs to carry out extensive research. The business opportunity only works if you create a good trending sound.
 The tones should be fun, catchy and easy on the ear. There are also copyright provisions on distribution and use of certain music. Before creating your tone find out what people are listening to.
The next step is to find and download editing software.  There are free and paid software to consider such as magic music maker 17, Audacity and WavePad.
Once you have downloaded and installed the software, upload your personalized tune. Upload and edit it to create a seamless work. Ringtones are not longer than 20 seconds so select a 20 second slice of music.
Voice Recording
If you wish to include voice recording then download and install voice recording software. Spend on a good microphone for clarity and better sound quality. Then record the vocals as poetry, message or song.
Signup on a Ringtone Distribution Website
You have the option to signup on a ringtone distribution website and a network provider. In Nigeria top network providers are MTN, GLO and AIRTEL. Top websites that offer ringtone sales database are Mpush, Thumbplay and Axysweb.
You have uploaded to ringtone sales data base, what next? You need to deploy a marketing strategy to drive sales.
The best way is to build a blog and add content related to ringtones. Drive traffic to the site through social media engagement, viral content and advertisement. Send out newsletters, use email marketing and word of mouth.


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