How to Resolve Bank Account Discrepancies

There bound to be some discrepancies in your account sometimes. This may occur on unauthorized withdrawals, fees and levies.
The issues may border on missing funds or high bank balance.  Larger funds in an account may occur due to deposit in wrong account or typographical error. 
However the majority of discrepancies are attributed to levies, withdrawals, ATM malfunction and other related matters. Once you notice any errors in your bank statement you need to immediately resolve the problem.
Unauthorized withdrawals or deposits is a serious matter and could lead to litigation or point at criminal intent. To avoid such situations habitually balance your statement of account. This would keep you updated to transactions, fees and levies.
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Stop Check Payment
On the issue of unauthorized withdraw via your checkbook you can place a stop payment order. This is very important to prevent theft or loss of document. The best strategy to combat discrepancies is prompt action by the account holder. Checkbooks also have different features to safeguard your funds.
How to Resolve Account Discrepancies
Support Your Claim
If you have any issues with your account you need to find information to support your claim. The information could be date of withdrawal, bank branch and time of withdrawal.
A good strategy is to keep the text message associated to your account as evidence. If you deposit money in a bank without any increase in your bank balance or confirmation there are a few steps to take.
Find and keep the deposit slip or receipt until the funds are remitted or use them to lodge a complaint. Another good strategy is to use the banks online portal to verify the status of the transaction. If you find unauthorized levies and fees on your account underline them on your bank statement for further action.
Use customer service
The customr service of a bank is to help with enquireies. You can find the email address or telephone number of your banks customer service on bank tellers or bank website. contact the customer service and lodge your complaint. They would guide you on the next step or authorize departments to ]handle the problem. The recipts and text message including vital bank details would be useful when speaking with a ciustmer service representative.
Contact the bank
Once the customer service personnel provides information to the department contact them. you need to follow the procedurs and remain patient. Follow every procedure or paperwork until the issue is resuolved.
Go to the Bank
You can go directly to the bank and ask for your account manger. Request a print out of your statement of account and point out the discrepancies. The people to meet are your account manager, branch manager or customer service officers. They will point you in the right direction and fill the appropriate documentation.
Change your Bank
There are some banks that do many sharp practices to raise funds. This includes unexplained levies, withdrawals and taxes.  If you discover such practices and get unsatisfactory answers from you bank then it is time to change banks. A good sign of a bank in distress is unexplained withdrawals and undue levies.


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