How to Start a ChildProofing Business

Childproofing experts provide safety areas for babies and young children. The service is restively new and growing each day.
It is important for parents to consider hiring an expert to avoid household disasters, accidents and injury. The home is full of dangerous hazards for innocent kids especially the kitchen and bathroom areas.
Types of Hazards
There are different types of Hazards in the home. Common ones include electrical fittings, sockets and sharp objects.
More are glass plates, sharp objects, loose cabinets and small objects. Make sure the soft bedding, crib, widow blinds, safety gates, cabinet locks are certified safe.
The danger lies with things that are moveable, cut, burn, crush or suffocation. Other dangers are drowning and accidental poisoning. This highlights the importance of safety in the home.
child in kitchen
Childproofing Dangers
  • electrical fittings
  • sockets
  • poisoning
  • drowning
  • suffocation
  • sharp objects
  • glass plates
  • sharp objects
  • loose cabinets
  • small objects
  • soft bedding
  • crib
  • widow blinds
Childproofing Services
Childproofing services are geared to establishing a safety area for infants. The services include providing cabinet locks and cordless window blinds. Others are secured furniture, crib safety, toilet locks and safety gates.
Childproof Services
  • Locked Cabinets
  • Childproof Locks
  • Cordless Window Blinds
  • Crib Safety
  • Toilet Locks
  • Safe Furniture
  • Harnesses
  • Safety Gates
Learn the Trade
Your career path as a child proofing expert involves education, training and apprentice programs. The international association for child safety provides child safety certification.
Professionals need to meet certain criteria and Qualifications. The expert is tested based on knowledge, interaction with clients and experience.
The certification offered are advanced professional childproofing consultant and certificate professional childproofing consultant. The certificate program looks at best practices in ethics, experience, childproofing knowledge and standard practice.
The expert needs to acquire an operational license. There are associations that regulate the practice and offer certification.
One of such is the international association of child safety. The safety issues covered by the association extend to children stores and toys. Register your business as a limited liability company, get employer tax identification number and insurance cover.
The expert charges for a full home assessment to determine the extent of childproofing. They then draw a draft of recommendations to fix the problem areas.
The assessment fee of $100 dollars is added to the final charge. The severity of the problem dictates the amount charged. A Company may charge from $500 to $2500 based on the findings.
The mount of money you need to start the business is low. You can work from home or open small office. You need a computer, internet connection, website and dedicated phone number. Inventory includes deadbolts, screwdriver, locks and hinges.
To reach clients print flyers, billboards, posters, banners and business cards. Use Adwords and Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website. Advertise in newspapers and parenting magazines.


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