How to Start Milk bar Business in Kenya

A Milk bar is an innovative business that focuses on providing a healthy product in a relaxed environment. The bars are usually small establishments with high stools and they serve fresh milk out of beer mugs.
The owner may include snack products such as meat pies, toasted bread or fried chicken. The business template is simple and startup is relatively low. Startup requirements include ready source of fresh milk, rented space, staff wages and furniture.
Starting a Milk Bar Business in Kenya
The proprietor of the establishment needs to buy the product, refrigerate and pay rent. You can start the business with Ksh 200,000. Secure funds through target savings or borrow from friends and family.
You can approach a micro finance bank or thrift society for small loans. A financial institution might demand opening an account with them and an initial deposit of 10% of requested loan.
An operator of a milk bar is required to have a permit or license to operate. The licensing includes public health certificate to maintain proper hygiene standards.
Others are license from the diary board of Kenya and an operational license from the county office or city hall. You are at liberty to register a business name and incorporate.
The location should be in an area of high demand like Nairobi. Other good locations include Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Ukambani.
Establish the bar in an area with heavy human and vehicular traffic. The bar should be visible, easily accessible, clean and attractive.
Edibles Served in Milk Bars
  • Fresh milk
  • Potatoes
  • Omelet
  • Boiled eggs
  • Cakes
  • Toasted bread
The equipment you need is basic and easily sourced. You need high stools, chairs and tables. Build a bar counter, buy beer mugs and a refrigerator.
You could buy a bread toaster to offer your customers fresh milk and toast. You can add toasts, cakes, chapatti and fried/boiled eggs.
  • high stools
  • chairs
  • tables
  • bar counter
  • beer mugs
  • refrigerator
  • bread toaster
Sourcing the Product
To run a milk bar you need a steady supply of fresh milk. Source your products from diary farms in Kisii, Kericho and Eldoret. Other good locations with good source are Bomet, Kiambu Taita and Kajiado.
Milk merchants make regular income providing a service. An average bar can make Ksh 3500 to Ksh 9000 daily. The profit margin increases with the introduction of snacks and other edibles. A very small bar is capable of selling 25 litters a day.
There are no specific marketing considerations except a sign in front of the bar. You can spread the word by distribution flyers or word of mouth.


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