How to Start Mobile Phone Repair Business

Due to the proliferation of mobile phones the repair business is now a huge industry. Most phones are fragile and require maintenance and repair.
The industry is highly specialized and practitioners need training. The technician could focus on different brands or specialize in a brand.
The startup is low and you can work from home, a kiosk or small shop. To start you need to learn the trade, acquire tools, replacement parts and rent a workshop.
Business Models to Consider
The technician can work from a storefront or provide mobile services. The storefront model is more practical and easy to establish. While the mobile platform requires some means of transportation and communication.
  • Work from Home
  • Offer Mobile Service
  • Open a Storefront
Top Brands
The technician should focus on top brands. A list of top manufacturers is Samsung electronics, LG electronics and Ericsson. Others are Apple Inc, HTC Corporation, Huawei Technologies and Google Inc.
  • Samsung electronics
  • LG electronics
  • Ericsson
  • Apple Inc
  • HTC Corporation
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Google Inc.
Learning the Trade
 To repair phones successful you need appropriate training. Work as an apprentice, learn from books or attend a technical institution. Others ways include online tutorials, online courses, eBooks and seminars. You need to practice the skill before offering your services.
  • become an apprentice
  • learn from books
  • attend a technical institution
  • online tutorials
  • online courses
  • eBooks
  • seminars
Startup Capital
The amount you need depends on your inventory, rent and equipment. The location of your store is also important.
The startup is low and tools are easily sourced. You need tools, office equipment and diagnostic equipment.
For better efficiency the technician can stock inventory as appropriate. You can start the business with N175, 000($500).
Secure funds through personal savings or borrow from friends and family. There are many micro credit financial institutions eager to assist small entrepreneurs.
Services to Offer
Although your core business is general repair and maintenance you can offer additional services. Sell accessories, mobile hardware, mobile applications and provide mobile money services.
  • general repair
  • maintenance
  • sell accessories
  • mobile hardware
  • mobile applications
  • mobile money services
It is essential you buy high quality mobile phone components. Purchase components directly from manufactures or major distributors.
Tools you need include adhesives, screwdrivers, generator and tape. Others include soldering iron, meter, tweezers, spudger. More include cleaning brush, battery tester and magnifying lamp.
  • adhesives
  • screwdrivers
  • generator
  • tape
  • soldering iron
  • meter
  • tweezers
  • spudger
  • cleaning brush
  • battery tester
  • magnifying lamp
Business Registration
Register the business as a sole proprietor or limited liability company. You need a trade license, personal identification number and insurance. There are also trade and association levies and fees to consider.
The amount of money depends on the number of customers you service. They will have different requirements such as changing screens, power outage and faulty keypads. It is possible to make from N50, 000 to N100, 000 a month.
The best marketing strategy is your location. Find an ideal location with lots of human and vehicular traffic.
Develop your skill by servicing friends, neighbors and family. You could try printing flyers, posters and business cards. The best location is in a commercial area that trade in phones, accessories and gadgets.


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