How to Start a Phone Case Business

There are millions of mobile devices in the market and most are smartphone’s. The importance of phones in our daily lives has revolutionized the way we live and interact.
The functionality keeps increasing making the device very valuable and important. The huge number presents an irresistible opportunity for investors to focus on a niche market.
Phone accessories and cases sell more than the device. The cases are readily available, easy to source and attracts moderate price. The cases provide easy accessorizing and unique identity to each device.  
Phone cases were previously bland and unattractive not anymore. Many people are eager to buy customized products in line with their style and personality.
The top users of smartphone are teens and young adults. The phone case business is very lucrative and easy to establish.
Sell Customized Smartphone Covers
Things to Consider before Starting the Business
Things to consider before starting the business are type of phone cases and sourcing the product. Other considerations include understating the market, recognizing popular brands and finding an ideal location. More include funding, marking, rent, business registration and staffing.
  • type of phone cases
    phone cases
  • sourcing the product
  • recognizing popular brands
  • finding an ideal location
  • funding
  • marking
  • rent
  • business registration
  • staffing
Benefits of Starting the Business
The benefits of starting the business include low startup and huge demand. Others are easy stocking, small inventory, bulk and retail opportunities.
More are print on demand orders, online and offline sales opportunity, new phone upgrade opportunities. You don’t even need a terrestrials store to sell phone cases.
You can sell through a website, blog, Facebook page or Instagram. The cases are light and fulfilling online orders is easy. The cost of production and you can offer can customization.
  • low startup
  • huge demand
  • easy stocking
  • small inventory
  • bulk and retail opportunities
  • print on demand orders
  • online and offline sales opportunity
  • new phone upgrade opportunities
  • a terrestrials store is not required
  • customization opportunities
  • easy shipment
Types of Phone Cases
Before starting the business you need to learn about different types of phone casing. The common types are gel, slim, wallet shaped, folio, and bumper.
Others include battery cases and tough cases. Tough cases are built to withstand accidental falls. They are bulky, rugged and heavier than regular cases. 
Battery cases are practical and provide extra charging options while wallet cases are built to protect the screen of phones. Bumper cases are shock resilient and protect the edge of phones. Slim cases are more aesthetically pleasing with beautiful designs, flexibility and customizable.
  • Gel
  • Slim
  • wallet shaped
  • folio
  • bumper
  • battery cases
  • tough cases
Focus on a Device
It is obvious that a dealer in phone cases should focus on a device. Specializing in a device would offer more credibility and better products. There are thousands of manufacturers and top band names to consider.
Top of the range are iphones 7, 6 and 5 and nexus 6 cases. Others include Samsung galaxy cases s6, note or pixel case. Once you have determined the type of phone stock accordingly.
  • iphones 7, 6 and 5
  • nexus 6 cases
  • Samsung galaxy cases s6
  • Note
  • pixel case
Get the Design
Create your own designs and use print o demand services. Top print and demand sites are Printful and Caseapp.
Use Photopea or hire a freelancer on fiverr. Other options include leveraging on design communities like Dribble.
It is important getting feedback on your designs before selling to your customers. To get feedback use social media like Facebook or google+.
Pin your designs on Pinterest or a popular forum. While creating your designs you can focus on a subject matter such as wild life, birds, pets, or even geometric patterns.
Making the Phone Cases
There are many ways to produce the phone cases. You can approach a manufacture to produce the cases or use a print on demand service.
There are many manufacturers in China who offer very cheap production services. If you prefer print on demand you need a store to display the images while the print on demand site fulfills the order.
The third option is to select existing phone cases and sell through your eCommerce Store. Make the store a drop-shipping arrangement by displaying the product on your store and integrating a checkout system.
Once an order is placed you contact the wholesaler in turn sends to the address you provided.
Sell the Products
To sell the products online you need an eCommerce store. Build your store on Shopify and add the oberlo app.
Make sure your store has images of the product, description and checkout. Add contact information, customer support phone number and easy to navigate template. Drive traffic to the site through Facebook advertisement or Adwords.


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