How to Start a Wedding Consultant Business

To become a wedding consultant you need to develop the ability to solve problems. You need good interpersonal skill, training and proper networking.
Startup is very low but you need a dedicated office and phone. To succeed develop the talent, create a network and offer quality service. You also need effective marketing to reach potential clients.
Study your competition and write a comprehensive business plan. The costs of weddings don’t come cheap so consultants tend to earn good income. Here are some ideas on how to start a wedding consultancy business
How to Start a Wedding Consultant Company
To reach prospective clients you need a marketing plan. The plan should be targeted, innovative and competitive.
Advertisement costs can spiral out of control if you don’t put in place good budgeting and accounting system. Your campaign should target certain demography, professional women and men.
You can consider the age group ethnicity and individual requirements. Remember that every wedding is unique and special to the couple.
Things to consider are income, billing, startup cost, and target market. Others are marketing, resources and operations. You need a team of casual and company staff to pull off a good wedding.
Type of Marketing
The type of marketing to consider is print, online advertisement, electronic and social media. You can print brochures, business cards, flyers, banners and billboards.
Use word of mouth, radio and television advertisement. Others are social media adverts, google Adwords and yellow pages.
Use magazine display ads, newspaper publications and build a website. On your brochure list you different services, testimonials and add your contact information. You need to build a powerful network of people who offer related services to make your job easier.
  • online advertisement
  • electronic
  • social media
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • flyers
  • banners
  • billboards
  • word of mouth
  • radio
  • television advertisement
  • social media adverts
  • google Adwords
  • yellow pages
  • magazine display ads
  • newspaper publications
  • build a website
The price of every gig differs based on the preparations and expectations. Billing includes consultancy fees, installment payments.
You need a good contract and refund of half the fees if there is a cancelation. You might need a merchant account or business account separate from your personal account.
Your contract should spell the payment terms, refunds and default. You can include forfeiture of deposit and facilitate different payment options such as cash, direct deposit of credit card payment.
A written contract will reduce the disputes and provide a legal cover. Charges differ from one consultant to the next. However charging a percentage on the total wedding cost is a normal practice.
The percentage could range from 10% to 15% percent of the total cost. Cost considerations are geared towards planning, production coordination, preparation and consultancy. A full production package could range from $1000 to $10,000
The wedding consultant works very closely with vendors. Vendors are invaluable to the success or failure of the wedding business.
An in-depth knowledge of wedding trends, fashion, floral arrangements and catering services is mandatory. You need trustworthy suppliers, caterers, venues coordinators and entertainers.
Vendors’ you need are caterers, florists, banquet sites, entertainment consultants and Disc jockey’s. Others include limousine services, bridal stores, photographers, videographers and wedding cake bakers.
  • suppliers
  • caterers
  • venues coordinators
  • entertainers
  • caterers
  • florists
  • banquet sites
  • entertainment consultants
  • Disc jockey
  • limousine services
  • bridal stores
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • wedding cake bakers
Wedding Consultant Services
The wedding consultant services include consultation, management and planning. Others are meeting vendors, organizing the location, floral arrangement and service coordination. The consultant carries out administrative work, customer service and record keeping.
  • Consultation
  • Management
  • Planning
  • meeting vendors
  • organizing the location
  • floral arrangement
  • service coordination
  • administrative work
  • customer service
  • record keeping
Office Equipment
To run a consultancy service you need basic office equipment. Common equipment’s are computer, printer, scanner digital camera, fax machine and copier.
 Others are a good calculator, answering machine, and wedding software. Office furniture includes desk, tables, bookcase and cabinets. You need letterhead paper, envelops, office pins, staplers and folders.
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • digital camera
  • fax machine
  • copier
  • calculator
  • answering machine
  • wedding software
  • desk
  • tables
  • bookcase
  • cabinets
  • stationeries
Startup Cost
The start up cost is low and easy to source. You can start with your personal savings and rent an office. Some consultants work from home however an office environment looks more professional. You need a good location for consultations and meetings.
Your target market is professional couples. They offer better fees and are eager to fund their wedding.
Make sure you offer quality service and make their dream wedding a reality. There is no barer to love, however your target demography would be brides and grooms 20 to 35 years
A wedding consultant needs education in personal management and administration. You can join an association of bridal consultants or other professional bodies. You can develop the skill through books, apprentice programs, seminars or workshops. Some courses offer certified wedding specialist certification.
Register the Business
Register the business as a sole proprietor or limited liability company. You need employer tax identification number and insurance. Choose a befitting business name and create a nice logo.


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