How to Use Affiliate Links on Pinterest

What are affiliate links? Affiliate links are programs that provide a special URL ID for the affiliate member. Once someone clicks on the link and patronizes the vendor the affiliate member earns a small commission.
The URL issued by the advertiser has a unique tracking code embedded in the URL. This allows tracking of the customer within a specified period. The problem with adding affiliate link to Pinterest includes full disclosure issues.
Pinterest is a social media platform that allows sharing of pictures and images. Marketers have found them a cool place to share products and services. They have found ways to use affiliate links within reason to make sales and drive traffic to their landing page.
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Affiliate Programs
Not all affiliate programs are ideal for Pinterest. You need to study the terms of service of each program you use. Popular programs to consider are commission junction, LinkShare and Rewards Style.
Pinterest and Affiliate Links
Pinterest allows users add affiliate links within reason. The user creates boards, adds pins and creates a good profile.
To make money you need to optimize your board by providing quality pins on the industry of preference. The next thing is to add affiliate pins and increase your board’s visibility.
Optimize the Board
 Boring board will not attract much traffic and your link would be useless. Optimize by providing value, quality pins and a good outlook.
Write a fun biography, provide helpful tips and add good picture profile. Use clear description, a brand title and keyword in board titles.
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Target your Audience
To reach the right audience uses targeting techniques. Populate the board with targeted pins on the subject matter. Create a brand name and focus on products associated to the pin.
Add Affiliate Product Pins
Make sure the product complements the subject matter. Choose your affiliate link, board and pin to images of choice. First pin the product, edit the pin and replace original link in the website box with affiliate link. Click on Save.
Increase Exposure
Without exposure your link would not attract any traffic. Increase exposure through promoted pins or share on different social platforms. Use description, personalization for authenticity. To increase engagements promote the affiliate product to increase visibility.
Product Choice
The product you choose to share on Pinterest should be quality and useful. It should solve problems and offer solutions. Pinterest is beautiful place to spread your marketing effort, build new audience and followers.


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