Top 11 Commercial Barbecue Business Ideas

Commercial barbecue business is very lucrative and easy to establish. The startup capital is low and you need a grill, product and ideal location. There are many businesses you can establish in this industry.
To succeed you need a regular supply of the main ingredient and patronage. The business does not require any marketing or company registration. Interested in grill, then here are 11 commercial barbecue businesses.
chicken, meat, sausage
1. Catfish Smoking
Catfish is a delicacy many countries and easy to farm at home or commercially. Some smart entrepreneurs smoke the fish and sell at bars. A single 1 kg fish is sold from N1000 to N3000 ($ 8).
2. Chicken Barbecue
Chicken meat is very popular and a delight any day. Chicken barbecue is served in parties, restaurants and bars. The snack is sold at nightstands or established fast food joints.
3. Roasted Corn
Roasted corn is common in open sheds or roadside. The business person finds a busy spot and produced the corn using a simple grill. To increase earning the corn is boiled and local fruits sold alongside the roasted corn.
4. Fish Barbecue
The most popular type of roasted fish is tilapia or croaker. Some sellers experiment with Titus and other types of fish. They attract premium price and sold close to nightclubs and bars.
5. Roasted Yam
Roasted yam is commonly accompanied by fried fish or potatoes. The yam is sold in the afternoon and evening periods. Startup is very low and you need minimum marketing.
6. Turkey Barbecue
Turkey barbecue is another snack sold by the roadside. Some people buy the turkey to add to their regular meals. The most popular part of the bird is the wing or whole turkey.
7. Roasted Plantain
In Nigeria roasted plantain is referred to as Boli. The plantain is sold alongside groundnuts or a small sauce. Sometimes it is sold with roasted yam for a complete meal.
8. Beef Barbecue
Beef barbecue is more common in private parties. However practitioners use assorted organ meat alongside the beef.
9. Roaste Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes are seasonal so practitioners add yam and plantain. Roasted potatoes are nice to eat and relatively cheap.
10. Stick Meat Barbecue
Stick meat is similar to beef barbecue except the introduction of the stick. The meat is called Suya in Nigeria and it has an amazing taste.
11. Sausage Barbecue
Sausage barbecue is very popular in Ghana. The sausage is made from either beef or pork meat. You find sausage barbecue at drinking joins, restaurants and fast food outlets.


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