Top 14 Jobs to Choose in Retail

The retail sector accounts for millions of jobs worldwide. There are many positions on offer that account for good remunerations, job security and flexibility.
The amount of money earned by operators in retail varies based on educational qualifications, experience and job requirements. The jobs might have rigid framework or offer some form of flexibility.
Some require technical training, apprentice programs, formal education or on-job experience. Most retail jobs offer growth potential and salary increments.
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What are the Best Jobs in Retail?
The best jobs are categorized based on education, proficiency, longevity and specialized knowledge. The jobs differ in scope and functionality.
The people seeking certain positions need, employable skill, knowledge of the job and determination. To decipher the best position you should consider the pay, flexibility, schedule and responsibilities.
 Associates earn more based on commissions and ability to deliver results. The retail industry is huge with lots of opportunities in management, sales, and supplies. There are also prospects for promotion, career advancement and job satisfaction.
 14 Top Jobs in Retail
1. Assistant Manager
The assistant manager’s position is that of a team leader. The median pay is bout $12 per hour according to the bureau of labor and statistics. They assist the store manager with general operations of the company. They also have different oversight functions in the store.
2. Store Manager
The store manager’s job is very important to the smooth running of the establishment. They earn an annul salary of $45,000 and require good managerial skill.
Their job description includes customer service, productivity, scheduling and training. Other functions are hiring staff, managing employees, inventory management and profitability.
3. The Retail Merchandiser and Sales Associate
The retail merchandiser earns $12 hourly rate. They help display products and showcase the stores products.
The sales associate earns $10 an hour and earn commission on certain items. They are found in different retail outfits such as automobile, supermarkets, fashion stores and appliance stores.
4. Order Processors
They process orders, vendor inquires and coordinate shipment. They manage customer’s requests including deliveries.
5. Fashion Stylists
If you love the fashion industry you could become fashion stylist. The job entails fittings, merchandising and sales of accessories. The stylist suggests cloths to customers and work in specialty clothing, accessory stores or departmental stores.
6. Online Merchandiser
The online merchandiser analysis data determine sales strategy and understands customer preferences. They work on product promotion including digital merchandising and sales. They earn median salary of $50,000 annually.
7. Manager Trainee
The manager trainee is equipped with managerial duties in store. The training is focused on leadership development and graduate training. The median earnings for trainee are $40,000 annually. Some companies embark on management training for staff they wish to promote.
8. Marketing Coordinator
The marketing coordinator carries out all the marketing. They organize the type of promotion, fashion strategies and use terrestrial and digital marketing platforms.
9. Logistic Coordinator
The logistic coordinator earns about $43,000 annul salary.  They maintain the stock, process orders and shipment. They keep track of inventory, allocate mechanize to stores and order stock.
10. Purchasing Agent
The purchasing agent earns $51,000 a year. The person is in charge of buying the products sold at the retail store. The responsibilities include ordering supplies, arranging delivery schedules and negotiating prices. Other functions are evaluating vendors and finding quality products.
11. Customer Service Representative
They earn median salary of $13 dollars an hour. Customer representatives have the oversight function of providing product information and customer service duties. They also process payments, returns and answer questions. More jobs include pricing, delivery and availability of product.
12. Human Resources Manager
The human resources managers’ responsibility is managing the workforce. They also fire and hire staff s appropriate.  Resource manager earns $64,000 salary annually
13. Cashier
The cashier handles the monitory transactions. The cashier’s job does not require formal training but good money handling skill. Every department store has at least one cashier. They earn salary of $14 dollars an hour.
14. Information Technology Coordinator
The information technology coordinator makes sure the operational systems are working. They upgrade software and provide ICT support. They also manage the stores website and inventory.  An ITC specialist earns $ 48,000 annually.


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