Ways to Sell Digital Products from your Website

Websites and blogs need to monetize their content to remain relevant. There are many ways to make money such as affiliate marketing and advertisement.
They could try direct advertisement, referrals or sell digital products. Selling digital products is highly lucrative and easy to execute.
If you have an ecommerce websites it is essential you add a shopping cart or payment system. To sell digital products you need the product, landing page and digital down load solutions.
There are a few things to consider before selling digital products. You need a quality product, transaction fees, price and delivery system.
Types of Digital Products
There are different types of digital products to offer customers. Common products are pdf, audio files, and ebooks.
You can create an ebook by joining an online self publishing website. Top self publishing websites are Amazon kindle direct publishing and lulu. Another option is to make the ebook a pdf file by using pdf writing software. Audio files are usually mp3.
  • Pdf
  • audio files
  • ebooks
  • online courses
Manually e-Mail the Product
This technique requires hands on approach. You add a PayPal 'buy now' button to your product and manually send the product on purchase.
Once you receive notification of a purchase, send the product through email to the customer. To use a PayPal buy now button you need to open a free business account. Then generate the button and add to your product page.
Add a Shopping Cart
Another way to sell digital products is to add a shopping cart. There are websites that offer blog owners shopping cart functionality.
Make sure the shopping cart you choose has auto-respond features, digital product options and billing. Most work in similar ways such as uploading digital product and generating a buy now button.
Hosting Options
You could host the files by yourself or use a third party provider. There are many digital file storage websites, delivery systems and software. Here are some options to consider.
Content Shelf
Content shelf allows subscriptions and storage of different types of files. They support multiple pricing options, promotions and product billing.
They offer paid plans and limited free plans. The price also depends on bandwidth and amount of disk space. To receive payment the site integrates Stripe, 2Checkout and PayPal.
FastSpring is a digital ecommerce platform for content, software and SaaS. They provide innovative solutions and a quick way to launch and optimize products. 
You can sell through their app store or your online marketplace. They offer webmasters good customer support. Pricing options for their services are 'pay as you grow', business plan and enterprise.
The pay as you go is per transaction with a standard ecommerce service and low competitive rates. The business plan attracts monthly subscription plus per transaction fees. The enterprise package has multiple pricing structures.
You can sell you digital product on your website by integrating e-Junkie. Sign up on e-junkie and add your product. The platform is automated and you can use PayPal. All you need to do is add a buy now button and e-junkie takes the customer to the download page.


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