10 Flee Market Business Ideas

Many small business owners have found success in flee markets. The types of items they sell depend on their interest and market base. 
To start the business you need to focus on a niche and determine your stock. The next step is to write a business plan and conduct a survey. The survey would provide an insight to what customers are willing to buy.  Before you lease space and commit funds here are 10 flee market business ideas
used computers
10 Flee Market Business Opportunities
1. Sell Pet Accessories
The pet industry is huge and very lucrative. A flee market sales person can focus on selling pet supplies. You could sell dog and cat accessories like collars, toys and grooming equipment. You can stock pet food, healthcare products, grooming tools and books.
2. Sell Used Electronics
A good business to consider is selling new or used electronics. Used electronics are easy to source and stock.
People selling such products are eager to get rid of them at ¼ of the retail price. This guarantees a reasonable margin to make over 100% on each item. Common electronics to consider are iphones, iPad, smartphone’s, television sets and laptops.
3. Used Cloths
There is a steady market for used cloths. Make sure the cloths are good quality and trending. Some people prefer buying such apparels because they are cost saving.
You could focus on a gender or offer cloths to both sexes. There are many ways to get used cloths such as buy from wholesalers or order from bulk companies.
4. Art and Craft
A popular item you find in flee markets is art and craft. They attract reasonable prices and are hunting grounds for art collectors. You can sell both contemporary and old art. The craft could be local to your geographical area or foreign.
5. Sell Kitchen Ware
Another popular item is kitchen ware and breakables. Many flee market sales persons sell tea cups, mugs, plates, pots and knives. They sell tablecloths, pans, kettles and cooking stoves.
6. Sell Costume Jewelry
Another good business is selling costume jewelry. Many shopper look out for costume jewelry at flee markets. You can purchase in bulk or buy individual pieces depending on your business strategy. You can design your own jewelry or stock trending styles.
7. Sell Fresh Farm Produce
If you have a small home based farm you can sell your farm produce. Make sure they are fresh and quality produce. Sell vegetables, fruits, eggs or even livestock depending on the venue.
8. Offer Temporary Tattoos
Tattoos are in vogue and many people love them. Not everyone wants a permanent tattoo so offering temporary ones is fun.
The children and adults would love them especially if they are creative and colorful.  Temporary tattoos are pain less, easy to achieve and should fade once washed.
You will also get lots of repeat customers and referral. Temps are good for children parties and such leisure activities.
9. Used Books
You can sell used books and video games. Make sure the books are historical, romance novels, thrillers or fun children books.
You need to give careful consideration to the types of books you sell to make any sale. Add video games and other interesting stuff to increase revenue.
10. Odds and Ends
You don’t even have to follow any particular strategy. You can sell odds and ends items you find interesting. This could attract huge patronage because your store would have something of interest to each buyer. A stock art works furniture, household implements, tools and electronics.


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