50+ Business Ideas in Kenya

Anyone can start a small business if they have the right motivation. You need startup capital, good location and product. You can offer service or sell product based on your niche of choice.
There are hundreds of businesses you can establish in Kenya. You might need education, training, job experience or apprentice training. To succeed you need to write a business plan, find a good location, source funds and register the business.
food vendor
Small Business Ideas Below SH 20,000
There are some businesses that require low investment. Common businesses are Mtumb, milk bar, tailoring, barbecue sausage and boiled eggs. Others include Mandazi, eCommerce, roosted maize, fruit vending and mobile phone repairs.
  • Mtumb
  • milk bar
  • tailoring
  • barbecue sausage and boiled eggs
  • Mandazi
  • eCommerce
  • roosted maize
  • fruit vending
  • mobile phone repairs
Kenyan Businesses under SH 50,000
You can manufacture liquid detergent, sop, make furniture or sell popcorn. More businesses are shoe-making, Mpesa agency, Tuk Tuk and hairdressing.
  • liquid detergent
  • soap
  • furniture making
  • sell popcorn
  • shoe-making
  • Mpesa
  • Tuk Tuk
  • hairdressing
Kenyan Business Under SH 100,000
Start a laundry business, become a debt collector and open an employment agency. Others include commercial cleaning, poultry or open a cyber café. More are commodity store, barbing salon and graphic design.
  • debt collector
  • employment agency
  • commercial cleaning
  • poultry
  • cyber café
  • commodity store
  • barbing salon
  • graphic design
Kenyan Business Between SH 200,000 and SH 500,000
 A good business to consider is catering, pharmacy, grocery store, and car wash. Others are bookshop, barbers shop, butchery and mobile store. More include child care services, opening a beauty salon and gas refill business.
  • catering
  • pharmacy
  • grocery store
  • car wash
  • bookshop
  • barbers shop
  • butchery
  • mobile store
  • child care services
  • beauty salon
  • gas refill business
Business between SH 500,000 and SH 1 Million
You can invest in charcoal, event rental, bakery and consultancy firm. Others are soft drinks distribution, recycling plant, waste collection and food canteen and message services.
  • charcoal
  • event rental
  • bakery
  • consultancy firm
  • soft drinks distribution
  • recycling plant
  • waste collection
  • food canteen
  • message services
Business from SH 1M and 5M
You can become PR consultant, sell electrical hardware or go into real-estate business. Others are printing business, small supermarket, open gym or bakery.
  • PR consultant
  • sell electrical hardware
  • real-estate business
  • printing business
  • small supermarket
  • open a gym
  • bakery
Business Between SH 5M+
 A Good business to start is an advertisement agency, taxi service or restaurant. You can open Matatu business, sports betting and hospitality business.
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