Data Share Business: Data Selling Business in Nigeria

The usage of data has become an essential part of our daily life. We constantly reload different sum as airtime for calls and data.
Smartphone’s have contributed to the huge demand for data making reseller business very lucrative. The business has opened lots of money making opportunities for small business owners.
Data bundles are used for browsing the internet and social media. To aid a legal sale of cheaper internet data telecom companies offer reseller plan.
Companies and individuals can activate the process and offer data through a data sharing mechanism. The telecommunication giants offer data in megabytes and gigabytes.
The reseller plans come in different packages tailor made for each user. They offer as low as 10 GB to 50 GB+ depending on the amount of data you want.
You pay a lump sum, open a virtual space and resell the data appropriately. You also have a validity period not exceeding 30 to 60 days depending n the network
Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria
There are a number of telecommunication companies that offer data bundle. The data works on both 3G and 4G modems. Top telecom providers are MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat. You also have ipNX Nigeria Limited, Netcom Africa and MainOne
How to Start a Data Sharing Business
Data sharing is the purchase and reselling of data bundle. The person buys a huge quantity of data t once. To start the business you need smartphone, and new SIM.
The SIM should be new because you are going to use a premium plan. The next step is to migrate and activate the SIM card. The special plan allows subscriber buy data in bulk. The buyer then resells to make a tidy sum.
Etisalat Data Bundle Rate
1. 10GB @N10, 000
2. 15GB @N15, 000
3. 20GB @N18, 000
Data Share Codes Fore Etisalat
  • Dial *200#
  • Press 3 –Data Menu Option
  • Family Plan Option
  • Confirm Selection
  • Start by Dialing *200#
  • Data Menu Option
  • Buy Data Plan-then you buy your preferred plan
  • Go to Family Plan Option
  • Go to Share Data Menu
  • Add recipient and data volume
There is also a USSD option for subscribers
  • Dial *917#
  • Buy preferred plan
  • Share data to customer by dialing *229*9*PIN*Data Volume*Phone Number*3# 
field workers
MTN Migration
Step 1 To migrate on MTN send an SMS to 465 to 131. This would migrate you to MTN SME Data Share Plan.
Step2 Purchase the Data. Once your migration is confirm the next step is to buy the data.
Available Data Plan from MTNs, SME Data Share
The subscription plans are as follows
Keyword to activate Plan
Number of Shares
Monthly Bundle Price N
10 GB
SMS 465 to131 follow prompt
SMS 466 to131follow prompt
SMS 467to131follow prompt
SMS468to 131 follow prompt

How to Load the Phone with Data
The first step is to buy credit to the mount you want to load. Then dial *461#. You then receive a message.
1 SME Data Purchase
2. Check SME Data Balance
3. Register SME Data Share
4. Change Pin
5. SME Data Share
6. Check Beneficiary List
7. Data Share Balance
Since you want to purchase data you reply 1. Once you reply you will get a message
SME bundle for 30 days
1. 10 GB @10,000
2. 20 GB@ 18,000
3. 50 GB @42,000
4. 75GB@ 52,000
The next step is to select the corresponding number of the mount you want to buy. For example select 1 for 10 GB@ 10, 000 or 3 for 50GB@ 42,000.
Register SME Data Share
The next stage is to register your SME data share. The reason is to have a virtual space to allow the sale of data. To do this Dial *461# and reply the prompt with 3. This enables MTN Register your SME Data share.
Change your Pin
The reason why you should change your pin is for security. To change your pin Dial *461#  then Enter 0000. You will get a prompt ENTER YOUR NEW PIN. The new pin you enter should have 4 digit numbers for example 4432.
How to Send Data to Customer
To send data to your customer Dial *461# then reply with 5. This code is used to indicate that you want to share data with someone. MTN will now show you the available data
Share 250M
Share 500M
Share 750M
Share 1G
Remember you only have 10 share limits. Reply to the prompt by choosing 1for 250M, 2 for 500M, 3 for 750M or 4 for 1 GB.
Once you select the number you will get another prompt. ENTER BENEFICIARY PHONE NUMBER. You then enter the buyer’s number. Then you get another prompt Enter Your Pin. Then reply by entering your pin number.
How to Know when the Customer Receives the Data
There are three ways to confirm. You can check your beneficiary list. Check your data share balance or ask buyer to check their own balance.  Check your beneficiary list BY Dialing *461# and reply 6. This will display the number of people you sold data.
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