Guide on How to Become a Government Contractor in Nigeria

The ability to win large company and government contracts is very challenging. There are lots of bottlenecks, screening and bidding process.
The competition is fierce among top companies with huge experience and resources. Other factors that contribute to winning a contract include networking, personal connections and proper documentation.
There are many challenges companies face in getting government contracts. They have to content with internal politics, delayed payment and financial constraints.
Internal politics includes preferred candidate and lobbying. The wheel of government is slow and an executed contract most times receives late payment.
Types of Contracts
There are basically two types of contract. You have the direct contract and sub- contracts. To secure a direct contract the company needs to bid for the job.
They provide relevant document to support their expertise and suitability for the job. They also present quotes, make presentations and use their connections.
To qualify for a contract the bidder needs to present track record of successful jobs. The awardees look at the company business structure and management team.
Sub Contractors
Sub contractors generally work for the principle contractors. The sub contractor has the experience, workforce and personnel. They are usually small business ventures with limited budgets.
Legal Documentation for Government Contracts
You need legal documentation to bid for government contracts. Other requirements are evidence of incorporation from the corporate affairs commission.
You need to registration the business with the national bureau of public procurement and respective ministry. You need a certificate of compliance, evidence of partnership and letter of completion of similar jobs.
  • evidence of incorporation
  • registration with the national bureau of public procurement
  • register at respective ministry
  • certificate of compliance
  • evidence of partnership
  • letter of completion of similar jobs
Technical Requirements
The technical requirements involve project implementation methodology, management structure and equipment.
  • project implementation methodology
  • management structure
  • equipment
  • company equity
Create a Portfolio
It is essential to create a good portfolio of your work. The portfolio should highlight your work, proof of past performance on similar contracts.
The next step is carrying out thorough research on companies in your industry. Once you find the government offices visit the procurement department. You can also use the internet to find prospective government departments.
How to Submit a Proposal
Once your company gets a request for proposal you need to submit a bid. First prepare the proposal to show your previous contract and successful delivery.
Once you bid the panel will establish if you meet the minimum requirements. They would look at management structure, completed work and company equity. If shortlisted you would be called to defend the bid.
How to Start Getting Contracts in Nigeria
  • Research the company
  • Call the procurement manager
  • Get detailed information
  • Study the request for bid proposal
  • Begin your bid
  • Estimate your bid
Where to Get Government Contracts
There are many places to look for government contracts. You have the armed forces, paramilitary organizations customs and immigration.
Others are federal ministries, federal universities. More include federal colleges, polytechnics and federal MDAs. Non federal government opportunities are local government and private sector
  • armed forces
  • paramilitary organizations
  • customs
  • immigration
  • federal ministries
  • federal universities
  • federal colleges
  • polytechnics
  • federal MDAs
  • local government
  • private sector
Securing government contracts is difficult and challenging. Even after finishing the contract your company may receive late payment.
Make sure you have all the documentation in place and avoid sharp practices or bribing anyone. Present an evidence of professional organizational structure. The company needs to have proof of financial capability including three (3) years tax clearance from Inland Revenue service.


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