How to Become an Education and Career Consultant

Consultants generally specialize based on their education and experience. The fields are vast such as engineering, business, environmental or healthcare consultancy.
You have management analysts and consultants in private and public sectors. The work of a consultant is to solve specific problems and improve their productivity.
They provide suggestions, management analysis and work part time on contract bases. Many consultants are self employed and work in highly stressful and result oriented industry.
Earn a Masters Degree
You can establish your career without earning a master’s degree. However earning one would add to your credibility and resume.
You can acquire masters in accounting, management or business administration. Course work could include communication, finance, leadership and economics.
The most ideal option is combined bachelors and master’s degree. Areas of specialization to consider are engineering, information technology and business administration.
Course Work
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Economics
Work Experience
Gain work experience by offering free consultation and build a portfolio. Consultants with experience in accounting and business management are in high demand. Cognate experience in management position is an added advantage.
Get a Bachelors Degree
The consultant should have a minimum of bachelor’s degree. The major could be in management, marketing, accounting and finance.
Course work includes ethics, communication, and project management. Others are statistics, communication, public speaking and leadership.
You can pursue a double major or specialize in niche. Specialty industries are agriculture, finance and education. Others are transportation, labor and skill acquisition.
Career Requirements
Career requirements are bachelor’s degree in the related field. You need a certification from a state institution of management consultant.
You need at least two years experience, good communication skill and analytical skill. Others are cognitional experience, management and good interpersonal skill.
  • Masters degree
  • bachelor’s degree
  • certification
  • two years experience
  • good communication skill
  • analytical skill
  • cognitional experience
  • management
  • good interpersonal skill
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Join an Association
Most consultants need to join an association related to their field of expertise. Certification and membership increases your opportunities and credibility.
There are associations such as institute of chartered accountants, association of professional consultants to mention few. Membership of such association offers networking, training, business opportunities and referrals.
How to Become an Education and Career Consultant


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