How to Find Private Label Products to Sell on Amazon

To sell successfully on Amazon and find profitable products you need a good strategy. To sell succeed you need to understand Amazon private label basics.
There are three ways people source and sell on Amazon. They my source their products from foreign countries like China, use retail arbitrage techniques or produce the product themselves.
What is Retail Arbitrage?
Retail arbitrage is process whereby people find under priced items in stores and resell on sites like Amazon. This technique is not covered in the strategy we wish to explain. However many business people have found success using this technique.
Sourcing Product from Foreign Countries
To build a solid business you need to source products from foreign countries. The top destination today is China because of their cheap goods.
You need to find products that are cheap and private label. You then sell the product on Amazon. Many eCommerce websites use this technique to build six figure companies.
Your basic process of Amazon FBA is finding supplier and branding the product. The next step is shipping to `Amazon Warehouse and selling the product. The value chain is finding supplier in China, ship product and sell.
How to Select a Product
The products you choose will make or break the business. This is because product choice is the most important aspect of the business.
 The product should be profitable, high quality and have a good price. Requirements for finding profitable items are lightweight, no brand name within a nice category.
The weight requirement should be less than 3 pounds and the item should be durable. Look for items with average product price $10 to $50.
Look for similar products that have high seller rank in main category. Find products with less than 30 reviews, 25% less sales price and products with keywords searched over 150,000.
Make sure the product is easily sourced especially from China. Look for products that encourage recurrent sales, multiple product keywords and ability to expand brand name. A good product also has year round demand.
  • Profitable
  • high quality
  • have a good price
  • lightweight price
  • no brand name
  • similar products that have high seller rank
  • products with less than 30 reviews
  • products with keywords searched over 150,000
  • easily sourced products
  • product that encourage recurrent sales
  • multiple product keywords
  • ability to expand brand name
  • year round demand
 Lightweight Products
The reason you buy lightweight products is shipping cost. Make sure the item is less than 5 pounds and verify from supplier. Amazon charges per pound with an extra charge of $0.39 for every pound above 2 pounds.
Product Pricing
The average product price you choose should not range $10 - $45. You could order the product in bulk from China at $5 per product and sell for $40.
The cheaper the product the higher your profit margin and the lower your bulk purchase order. Another reason cheaper products are better is because they a perfect for impulse purchases. Make sure the item can be produced with 23% less sales.
Best Seller Ranking
The best seller rank shows products that attract huge sales. If you can find a similar product with lower prices you stand a chance to make profit.
You can also look for product with no brand name within product category. This strategy is good because you eliminate the competition and add your own branded product. People prefer buying branded products better than unbranded products.
Find a Durable Item
You don’t want to ship items that crack or break. Find a durable and rugged item that is lightweight and easily sourced from China. Good items are simple, no electronic parts or moving parts.
Find Products with Less than 50 Reviews
You need to eliminate the competition and dominate your category. Products with less than 50 reviews are easy to dominate. Find products with less than 4 for each category.
How to Optimize Your Product
To optimize your product you need to provide as much relevant information. Be descriptive, use good bullet points and sell quality items. Don’t forget selling quality products and add multiple product images.
  • Be descriptive
  • use good bullet points
  • sell quality items
  • sell quality products
  • multiple product images
Buy from China
You can find quality products in China. Go to websites like Alibaba and discover many merchants. Find top 3 product keywords that have over 100,000 searches on google.
Make sure the product sell year round with an ability to expand brand identity. It is important that the product you choose has recurrent sales. 
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