How to Find Your Dream Career with TopJobs Guide Books

Looking for a company that produces guide books? Then look no further because TopJobs have physical guide books, CD-ROM, e-books available in pdf.
Their goal is to help everyone find their dream career, which is why they are one of the leading publishers of career guides in North America.  They provide people information on non traditional career and employment opportunities.
The guides are specific to the industry you are trying to enter. You need to figure out you career goals and use their resources to equip yourself. 
To get started in a specific dream career, the guides provide information on how to gain job experience, how to get hired or how to start a business. It includes information on how to get clients and set fees and prices.
How Does It Work
 Their mission is to provide valuable resources to people who are ready to have their dream career. They want to help people pursue careers which can’t be gotten through the traditional educational route of going to college, but rather those degrees that can’t really be had through getting a degree. 
Their guides provide advice and guidance for getting started in low cost home businesses or brick-and-mortar businesses. Their guides have been written for fields like Acting, an Antiques Shop Owner, an Art Gallery Owner, a Baker, a Book Editor, a Bed and Breakfast Owner, and many others.
Each guide contains advice from people who have achieved success in their chosen careers. They have gotten information from Emmy award winners, best sellers, captains of industry, nationally recognized leaders and industrial experts.
In addition because of customer demand, they expanded their offering from guides to actual courses which is facilitated through their new division international association of professional career college IAP Career College
Cost and Price Plans
Each Guide is available as a downloadable eBook or physical book. The price of each guide is different depending on your purchase or version of book. All the fees are clearly displayed before you finalize the purchase.
Refund Policy
They are so confident the guides will help you achieve your dreams that you get a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. Irrespective of the format, physical books or downloadable version customers can contact their customer service for a refund.
They will process the request no questioned asked. If you have purchased a physical book, you are not even required to return the copy.
However the shipping fees are not refunded. This refund police for physical book are a one time policy. This is to guard against misuse of their good will.
They have a stellar reputation and customers should be rest assured that their prices are reasonable and comfortably purchase their guides.
They have hundreds of publications to fit your career choice. Career topics such as the ones listed below.
  • How to become an actor
  • How to get hired
  • How to become an advertising copywriter
  • How to become an accessories store owner
  • How to become an antique store owner
  • How to become an art curator
Their accolades include EPPIE Awards, coverage from Women’s Day Magazine, Entrepreneur and Writers Digest. Profiled by the Calgary Sun, Metro News and City Toronto TV.


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