How to Get a Job as a Waiter or Waitress

Most waiters start their careers as part time employees. The food industry is huge and there are many opportunities for waiters.  
You need education from a tertiary institution and job experience. To work in the industry you need lots of interpersonal skill and energy. The job is moderately channeling and difficulty. It might involve long hours on your feet carrying food from the kitchen to guests.
How to Get a Job as a Waiter
The Food Industry
There are many job opportunities as a waiter in the food industry. You have restaurants, canteens, fast food outlets and hotels. Others are snack bars, motels, guest houses and bars.
What Waiters Do
The job description involves serving meals to patrons and making recommendations. The waiter should be engaging, pleasant with an amiable personality.
The service person makes sure the order is properly executed by inspecting the food before delivery. They are paid to be engaging, accommodating, pleasant and resourceful.
The job could be hectic and challenging so they need good organizational skill. Once the meal is served and eaten they check back with the customer for any complain. Other function of the waiter is to receive payment.
  • serving meals
  • making recommendations
  • should be engaging
  • pleasant
  • amiable personality
  • take orders
  • inspecting food
  • delivery food
  • organizational skill
  • attend to customer complain
  • receive payment
Who can Become a Waiter
Anyone with an interest in the food industry can become a waiter. However there are personality traits you need to successfully carry out your functions.
You need good interpersonal skill, communication skills and pleasant disposition. You should be a good communicator, have patience and tolerance. 
You would have to take orders, listen to complain and multi-task. Other requirements are retentive memory to keep track of customers order. The person should memorize the menu end have a clean cut image.  Waiters should be confident and amiable.
  • good interpersonal skill
  • communication skills
  • pleasant disposition
  • good communicator
  • patience
  • tolerance
  • ability to take orders
  • listen to complain
  • multi-task
  • retentive memory
  • keep track of customers order
  • have a clean cut image
  • confident and amiable
How to find a Job as a Waiter
Although there are many food establishments, finding a job opening is the next challenge.  You can get introduced to restaurant managers or use referrals.
Leverage on family, neighbors and friends to find job openings. Search for job leads, vacant positions and speck to restaurant owners.
Make sure you have your resume on hand and be prepared to fill job applications. Another effective way to find job openings is newspaper advertisement, notices and job sites. Visit job sites to find waiter positions and job listings.
The Career
Many restaurant managers started their career as waiters. There is often room for career advancement from waiters to cashiers then managers.
Once you are called for an interview look the part. You need to project a confident and friendly person.
Work on your appearance, outfit and exude boundless energy. You need to be time conscious when going for an interview. Prepare a good resume and list of references from previous employers. The interviewer is most likely going to contact them.
Interview Questions
Common question revolve around your past employment. Others focus on customer service, dealing with a difficult customer and how to handle emergencies.
Other question could focus on rejected meals, food choice, entertainment and how you handle a stressful environment. They might also test your retentive memory. It is proper to compose a thank you note after any interview.


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